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The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew Computer Game (#8)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Haunted Carousel
The Haunted Carousel
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The Haunted Carousel

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  • Explore a seaside amusement park and solve a mystery as Nancy Drew
  • In-game laptop helps track progress and get clues
  • New cell phone feature--answer and make calls anywhere in the game.
  • Sleuth on your own, or with family and friends
  • More than 20 hours of game play with 2 levels

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Ash_cabash - 09:21am Aug 25, 2003 PST(#157 of 4956)
Look ahead not behind

Um..... Queen Molly I would tell you if i knew, I will help you, if you help me. Please tell me where u got it, and write back on this message board. But if anyone else can help me on finding it besides on the internet, that would be great. Please write back here. -Ashley

kassie - 09:47am Aug 25, 2003 PST(#158 of 4956)

if your really stuck and need some help. Just go to and type in nancy drew and the hauntes caurosuel walkthrough and it will tell you tips on how to get through the part you're stuck on! :)

paigemaster - 12:25pm Aug 25, 2003 PST(#159 of 4956)

hey, do you knwo what stores have thids game in yet? i've checked everywhere but no one has it yet.

bessie k - 01:35pm Aug 25, 2003 PST(#160 of 4956)

HELP i dunno how to fix the roller coster darn...or i can't find the key 4 the haunted house room e-mail me if u know @ label it help on nancy drew thankz

Stefanie D - 03:37pm Aug 25, 2003 PST(#161 of 4956)

I got my game at TOYSRUS, and im in canada, i got one of the three copeis, the shipped them in this morning, and im stuck at the Roller coaster part too!

Queen Molly - 05:36pm Aug 25, 2003 PST(#162 of 4956)

Ash cabash, the combination to Harlan's locker is 101190.

Queen Molly - 05:37pm Aug 25, 2003 PST(#163 of 4956)

Can someone tell me Amelia's nickname?

sneakygurl92 - 05:14am Aug 26, 2003 PST(#164 of 4956)

hey! i've just installed n.d.h.c and i don't know what to do please help thanks-~*~

Pugsy girl - 07:48am Aug 26, 2003 PST(#165 of 4956)

you guys need to use your cel phone if you call people they will give you the nickname. please call if you need help let me the manuel that you got to fix the rollercoaster.good luck i would rather give hint's than to spoil it for you. but i ill give the best hints i can.the cell phone is a big one!!! use it a-lot..

haleypark1 - 09:54am Aug 26, 2003 PST(#166 of 4956)

  • *spolier alert** amelias nick name is spatzig

  • Stefanie D - 10:31am Aug 26, 2003 PST(#167 of 4956)

    Im stuck, i dont know what to do, i have the harmanica but every time i try to play the tune infront of her robot it wont work!

    ~**super_sleuth_007**~ - 02:44pm Aug 26, 2003 PST(#168 of 4956)
    I'm a sazzy, spunky,stylin diva who knows her mysteries

    help!!!!!!!!! just got this game and i dont know how to install it! im really excited to play it but i cant. it will help a lot thx

    Nancy's #1fan - 07:25pm Aug 26, 2003 PST(#169 of 4956)

    Hi!! Does anyone know the carasuol horses name??(on the paper in Joy's office)

    Nancy's #1fan - 07:26pm Aug 26, 2003 PST(#170 of 4956)

    To install: Put the disk in, then click Start, go down to run, then click ok. Hope I Help, Nancy's#1fan

    Stefanie D - 08:45am Aug 27, 2003 PST(#171 of 4956)

    This game only took me three days to beat, it was very easy. Im slightly dissapointed. * Spoiler alert* ---> Nancys#1fan, the name of the horse is Glory.

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     [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew Computer Game (#8)