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I Confess

I Confess was a discussion we had in the early days of MysteyNet. I thought it would be fun to bring it back and see how it goes.

You can confess your truest feelings here or just everyday things.

We are here to listen, so confess away.

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Ed Oliver - 10:57am Nov 21, 2016 PST(#3109 of 3115)
the ghostly visitor

Hi Fran.

Waving back to Aggie. I'm "sort of" retired. Still technically have a full time job with full time pay, but my whole work week is to do 48 hours coverage on the weekend, then off for 5 days. And it's all from home. The extra free time was my impetus to check back here too.

Ed Oliver - 11:35am Nov 21, 2016 PST(#3110 of 3115)
the ghostly visitor

I have to confess, I'm feeling, if not actually sad, very nostalgic for the "good ole days." Been bouncing around a lot of the discussions clicking recent a few times to read messages following when I was last here. (Amazing how MN remembers after probably more than a decade, where I was and what's "new messages" relative to that.) Anyway, seeing and remembering all those names brings up a lot of fond memories of conversations, camaraderie, "the gatherings".

kirsten b - 10:25am Nov 23, 2016 PST(#3111 of 3115)

If they still sent out the daily/weekly mysteries, MN would probably still be going

Ed Oliver - 01:54pm Nov 25, 2016 PST(#3112 of 3115)
the ghostly visitor

They stopped those too? You're right, that didn't help retain loyalty any.

BabyMelany - 02:31pm Jan 8, 2017 PST(#3113 of 3115)

confess, i'm all fb'd out. I miss the anticipation of the "check messages" button

Ed Oliver - 11:55pm Jan 11, 2017 PST(#3114 of 3115)
the ghostly visitor

I'm with you on that. It was fun when you could come back every day and the check messages button could take you through half a dozen groups with ongoing conversations to follow up on.

kirsten b - 03:24pm Jan 12, 2017 PST(#3115 of 3115)

I confess Mel that I was answering you about the city museum and my page clicked off and I have no idea where that was posted so... I would suggest waiting until it warms up because half of the museum is outside.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / I Confess

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