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Model Client, a novel by Dina Hagler

Hi, Friends:

I am working on a novel. I have written the prologue and the first chapter (drafts, actually). I was jut wondering if you guys could give me some feedback.

Discription of story (somewhat):

The amateur detective in this story will be Tess Tony. She is a photographer living in New York. She works for a fashion magazine like Cosmopolitan.


1) About the Prologue: Should I just leave all of the background info out and put that in later chapters (presenting it in another way, of course).

2) Story in General: Is this something anyone out there would be interested in reading? (I'm actually directing this question more towards those who read series mysteries with female amateur detectives-- authors like Dianne Mott Davison, Joan Hess, Laurien Barienson). For those who prefer tougher, professionals (and I read those too) I know that this is not in that vein AT ALL, so you probably won't like it. (Not that I'm the caliber of these other writers, I'm just talking about the mood of the piece.

3) About the sleuth, Tess Tony: Is she likable? (So far, I mean?) I am thinking she will go through an emotional/personal change, and possibly have a love interest in this story-- well, just an interest, and things won't work out, because I don't think they usually do for her.

I'd appreciate your comments, and even if they are negative, I hope to be able to use them, and revise. I am going to finish this book, just to prove to myself I can, so your comments won't affect that aspect. For I feel that writers have to finish things, even if they are never published. It's just part of the process, right?

Please comment in the comment discussion.

Thanks, DDH

NOTE: I had to give the portions of the work a title, as I also sent it in for critique at The Little Read Writers' Hood. MODEL CLIENT, is just a working title, and I'm sure it will be changed, as a photographer wouldn't have a person for a client.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Novel Excerpts  / Model Client, a novel by Dina Hagler

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