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Strange Laws
Laws against feminine wiles? It's illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time?

Discuss laws that are outrageous, outdated, wasteful, ridiculous and just plain funny here!

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charlie bee - 12:15pm Nov 14, 1999 PST(#80 of 166)

I'm not a 100% sure about the location of this law but I am pretty confident that it is New York.

You CAN eat peanuts whilst a orchestra is playing. You CAN walk backwards whilst the orhestra is playing. You CANNOT do both at the same time.

In England: when driving near puddles, it is illegal for drivers to splash pedestrians. they face a 1,000 fine if the pedestrian gets the licence plate number! There used to be a law that said that men could beat there wives with a stick as long as the stick was no wider than the width of their thumb. In 1649, oliver cromwell passed a law banning christmas.(many people who ignored the law were actually arrested!)

In paraguay, it is illegal to duel unless both participants are registered blood donors.

In new york, there is still a statute on the books that has never been repealed making it illegal for women to smoke in public! In kentucky, you are legally required to take at least one bath a year!

Chantel Dawn Lyngstad - 02:21pm Dec 11, 1999 PST(#81 of 166)
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious(or somthing like that!!)- Albert Einstein

It is illigial to cross the Minnesota border with a chicken on your head..

zooj - 04:22am Dec 16, 1999 PST(#82 of 166)
Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean that I'm not normal :o)

this law is enforced completely in one country and people are arrested if they don't obey it: women aren't allowed to drive at all.

stikeforce - 07:21pm Dec 17, 1999 PST(#83 of 166)
"It's a cult... they worship blue oysters"... MST3K 'The Final Sacrifice'

Charlie Bee: I agree with the splashing pedestrians law! As someone who has been on the receiving end of splashes DONE ON PURPOSE!!! also; those Portuguese duelers might as well bleed for a good cause. Let the blood go to someone who needs it, the ground don't.

Monkoo P'an-Ku - 08:18am Dec 19, 1999 PST(#84 of 166)
Show me a guy who is afraid to look bad, and I'll show you a guy you can beat every time - Lou Brock

Are there a lot of Portuguese in Paraguay?

charlie bee - 03:36am Jan 2, 2000 PST(#85 of 166)
life is for living

you can sue for false imprisonment if a security guard takes you to the store managers office and falsly accuses you of theft, even though it is his job to stop you

Kelly blancko - 07:38am Jan 3, 2000 PST(#86 of 166)

you can sue if the food in the restaurent you ate was poison or.

Kara W - 09:17pm Feb 6, 2000 PST(#87 of 166)

I'm not sure where this is (maybe Kentucky)'s illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket. I can see why that's a problem.

S. Marsh - 10:57am Feb 24, 2000 PST(#88 of 166)

In is a hanging offense to steal anothers horse

In is illegal to take a bath more than once a month in the winter and more than once every three weeks in the summer. It is also illegal for anyone to take a bath on Saturday and Sundy.

This isnt a law, but more of a police joke...In Knoxville TN, you can be pulled over for having anything relating to the University of Florida displayed in your vehicle

Sadie Nix - 03:55pm Mar 14, 2000 PST(#89 of 166)

My friend and I were reading in this book about funny laws and such, that it is illegal for the post master of a post office to shoot ducks in season or not!

Lisa Robinson - 06:27pm Mar 26, 2000 PST(#90 of 166)
Better for people to think you are stupid, than open your mouth and prove it!

In Wilmington,NC it is against the law to walk backward down the street with one foot in the gutter and the other on the side walk while whistling! There is also a law allowing a husband to beet his wife on the steps of city hall once a month. In West Reading,PA the law is that no more that three unrelated people can live in one house. This one as of 2000 is inforced if you are not white,middle class and friends with the county commish.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Other Mystery Topics  / Strange Laws

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