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Changes after hitting the best seller lists
I would like to know if there is anyone else who feels cheated when an author (the two most recent that come to my mind are Grimes and P.D. James), writes a bunch of books with the same characters who you the reader come to think of as friends and then the author finally hits the best seller list and their books become way too long and serious. That is not to say the books aren't good they just lose their original flavor. Yes I understand from a writer's point of view the need to do this but I don't think it is fair to the reader base they built on the way up.

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Ann Louise - 09:42am Feb 23, 2003 PST(#26 of 28)

What bothers me more is when authors hit it big and then are marketed as "mainstream fiction" instead of as mystery authors, as if being a genre author is something to be ashamed of. This also happens to romance authors like Catherine Coulter and Judith McNaught who are writing more suspense-themed books tinged with romance.

Julie Zoller - 09:40pm Sep 22, 2003 PST(#27 of 28)

I absolutely hated Hornet's Nest and think Kathy Reichs is definitely imitating Cornwell. I am reading Reichs' latest, Grave Secrets, and just can't seem to get into it.

I detested O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton. I jsut didn't hink it had the goods like her other books did and I don't like the by J.A. Jance where shehas Joanna Bradey and J.P. Beaumont teamed up. WAY too is the Quebec/N. Carolina bit with Reichs.

jerri crapo - 10:53pm Oct 27, 2003 PST(#28 of 28)

I also just stumbled on this 'conversation'. it is gratifying to see that others also think that Grafton, Paretsky,Cornwall, James and Minette Walters have become disappointing...There have been others that I wanted to throw across the room when I considered their cost..I too will rely on library...maybe being a 'mystery writer'is embarrassing to them and they strive for serious literature..too bad...Jerri

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Changes after hitting the best seller lists

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