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Biba Elliott - 10:25pm Jan 18, 1998 PST

Do the Avengers....Emma Peel, Honor Blackman, and John Steed qualify as mystery? If so...let's talk about it!

Paul Watson - 01:20pm Jul 23, 1998 PST(#1 of 25)

As mystery? "The Avengers"? Well . . .

There was a pattern usually to the plots. There would be several bizarre incidents, frequently murders, and Steed and his companion (whether Mrs. Peel, Tara, or Purdey and Mike in the new series) would investigate. I recall one late Mrs. Peel story where suspects were literally vanishing into thin air in dead-end corridors, a la John Dickson Carr. The solution turned out to be more science-fictional than sleight-of-hand, but there was still the mystery element.

Regarding the upcoming film, please don't talk to me about Uma Thurman as Mrs. Peel. I will be forced to upchuck all over your monitor. Ralph Fiennes as Steed, maybe OK; I'm reserving judgment; but Uma is plain _homely_. How much better it would have been if we could have had Nicole Kidman? <sigh><evil grin>

Rick Gutierrez - 10:19am Jul 26, 1998 PST(#2 of 25)

My fantasy cast for an "Avengers" remake was Salma Hayek as Peel and Timothy Dalton as Steed.

When i first saw Hayek as a presenter on the Academy Awards two years ago i had no idea of her national identity. She was stunning, remote, sexy, intelligent and Euro-sophisticated with just a trace of intoxicating exotic flovor to her speech. Like Rigg she's played Shakespearean roles and been lavished with major international awards for her acting.

Hayek would give a new mysterious twist to Emma Peel, something necessary for any actress stepping into Rigg's classic jumpsuit and boots, who's performance is so absolutely perfect she's nearly impossible to replace.

Hayek has the smouldering Rigg Peel look and the intellectual depth to underplay Emma with wit and knowing sarcasm. Granted she's not British but neither is Uma Peel who I am afraid from various interiews I've seen has no concept of The Avengers' multi-layered potency. For Thurman, it's just another role.

Other suggestions such as Nicole Kidman (you've got to be kidding- if we want vacant American actresses let's go all the way and have Morgan Fairchild do Peel) and Emma Thompson (yes she's British but too pastel to bring off the dark humor this Emma requires as an aloof, athletic, tounge-in-cheek vamp) fizzle.

Hayek's just been given Catherine Deneuve's contract as Chanel's Hollywood face so there's more verification for her ultimate beauty. What really got me jazzed thinking about Salma in the role is the deep mysterious quality she brings to her gorgeous looks, another trait shared with Rigg- and Deneuve and Garbo for that matter.

As as kid I wrote a strenuously irate protest over Rigg's departure from the series and recieved a letter from producer Brian Clemens urging me to give Linda Thorson a chance as her replacement.

While Thorson proved to be disastrous I echo Clemen's openness to fresh interpretations in the leading characters. After all, The Avengers were above all else, unusual.

Sultry Salma Hayek would indeed be an unusual choice but after the first karate chop and wink to Steed she'd have audiences completely transfixed and hypnotized as the new Mrs. Emma Peel and cheering wildly by movie's end.

Though as Carole King sang, "it's too late", I prefer to keep my vision of Salma Peel intact- it will help heal the wounds of another Thorsonesque nightmare having to endure Thurman ditz her way through very cherished territory when the film is released in a few weeks.




Rick Gutierrez - 03:21pm Jul 26, 1998 PST(#3 of 25)

After uploading the previous message yesterday I came upon the following bit of news which doubly raised raised my eyebrows-

"Wild Wild West" was horsified American cousin to "The Avengers" in its mixture of espionage, fantasy-sci-fi, comedy and action.

Arriving on heels of our new Mrs. Peel, the big screen welcomes truly nontraditional major studio casting in the selection of Will Smith as a James West reinvented for the millenium.

Report follows - SH as you can see is obviously the girl of the moment, knew it when I first spotted her!

Hayek tames 'The Wild, Wild West'
Joins Will Smith, Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh

Salma Hayek has landed the female lead in Warner Bros.’ “The Wild Wild West” opposite Will Smith, Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh.

She plays Rita Escobar, a woman caught in a love triangle between government agents James West (Smith) and Artemus Gordon (Kline).

Barry Sonnenfeld helms the feature based loosely on the off-beat Western TV series, which ran on CBS from 1965-1970. Jon Peters and Barry Josephson produce.

Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman are the screenwriters. Exec producers are Bill Todman Jr., Joel Simon, Kim LeMasters and Tracy Glaser.

Hayek is now shooting Kevin Smith’s supernatural comedy “Dogma” with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Fiorentino and Chris Rock for Miramax.

She will be seen this summer in Miramax’s “54,” in which she plays an aspiring singer and coat-check girl. Also upcoming for Hayek is director Dan Ireland’s indie feature “The Velocity of Gary.“

Biba Elliott - 05:20pm Jul 30, 1998 PST(#4 of 25)

WHO???? as John Steed!!???!!! Puleeze!!! The only thing good (?) I can say about the up-coming movie is Sean Connery as the bad-guy......

Biba Elliott - 09:44pm Aug 10, 1998 PST(#5 of 25)

Rachael....there are no words to describe the series...may I suggest "The Complete Avengers" aavailable at Barnes & Noble. truely an exceptional program! the book may help you understand the series...i am hopeful it will be on the tube again soon.

P Marlowe - 08:35am Aug 15, 1998 PST(#6 of 25)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Uma Thurman will have a very difficult time filling that "cat suit" of Ms. Emma Peel. Diana Rigg cannot be equaled and no one should even try. Heard the movie is a bomb in spite of acting cast.

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