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Mystery Greats

Discuss the long-time great mystery characters and authors.

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 [D] Ed McBain (107 messages)
 [F] Edgar Allan Poe (1 folder, 7 discussions)
 [F] Sherlock Holmes (1 folder, 2 discussions)
 [F] Agatha Christie (6 folders)
 [F] Nancy Drew (6 folders, 1 discussion)
 [F] Alfred Hitchcock (3 discussions)
 [D] Charles Dickens (1812-1870) (28 messages)
 [D] Charlie Chan (178 messages)
 [D] Dashiell Hammett (145 messages)
 [D] Dorothy L. Sayers (118 messages)
 [D] Ellery Queen (73 messages)
 [D] Hannibal Lecter (created by Thomas Harris) (25 messages)
 [D] Hardy Boys (110 messages)
 [D] Nero Wolfe (128 messages)
 [D] Raymond Chandler (79 messages)
 [D] Ross MacDonald (19 messages)
 [D] The Phantom of the Opera (22 messages)
 [D] The Saint/Leslie Charteris (49 messages)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats

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