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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
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Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Official Strategy GuideOfficial Strategy Guide:
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

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* Dodge danger, flush out secrets, and solve cryptic puzzles as Nancy Drew
* More than 30 sleuthing activities, suspicious characters, and lifelike settings
* 2 levels--Junior and Senior Detective
* Additional activities, including bird identification
* Keep track of clues with in-game journal, built-in game hints, and more.

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Squiggly - 08:52pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#286 of 8818)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

Well there is some little button you can push...

cris belt - 09:00pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#287 of 8818)

nope...sorry...everytime i push the button to "send" the wont do anything...

butlerbeck - 09:31pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#288 of 8818)

we just started playing the game and we cant find the spark plug for the motor boat. can anyone help us???

sac_mlm - 06:58am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#289 of 8818)

we cant figure out where the "big " tree is where the red tailed hawk is and we need to get a picture of it. Also we have tried that dog thing with the clock and no matter how hard we try we cant figure it out! help!

sac_mlm - 07:02am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#290 of 8818)

to butlerbeck- you need to get the spark plug from the birdman you can get him at night in his tree house, go out the front door toward the lake then turn right follow the path and you'll find the tree house.

Squiggly - 09:00am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#291 of 8818)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

sac mlm- The tree should be somewhere by the dock.

cris belt- Each time you rotate the dial to a number for the safe, click the button to the right of the dial. It doesn't matter which way you turn the dial. Viola! The safe opens.

Happy New Years Eve!

Calali - 09:22am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#292 of 8818)
If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

I'm starting to get a little frustrated with the game. I have put the files in the right order [I know because I went to a walkthrough for it] but Nancy will not read them. How do I read the documents? Is there any specific way how?

emzie - 10:40am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#293 of 8818)

sum 1 please help me! what is up with that roman numeral thing (cant understand the thing in the computer), how do u solve that dog figurine puzzle in the cupboard and i can not find more than 6 critters in the forest!

ann romer - 10:56am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#294 of 8818)

What is the word for the spigots and what clue can you get from the pictures??

cris belt - 11:17am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#295 of 8818)

thanx a lot squiggly....i'll try to do that....again...but it still doesnt want to work...

Taylor45 - 11:26am Dec 31, 2002 PST(#296 of 8818)

Okay guys, one wphrase type in walkthrough- ghost dogs of moon lake- nancy drew in at and click on any walkthrough, theyre really helpful, i used one for two games, of course until i was about totally stuck which was until the end when i couldnt get out of trouble! If you need help, email me!

Kandygirl - 01:56pm Dec 31, 2002 PST(#297 of 8818)

ann romer: the word for the spigits is X-V-I-L the pictures tell you what color the dogs collers are. hope i helped! ~Kandygirl

buttlerbeck - 03:07pm Dec 31, 2002 PST(#298 of 8818)

We just finished getting the bait and we are taking pictures of the birds and we would appreicate it if someone could tell us where to find the red hawk

ScarlettSlipper - 03:09pm Dec 31, 2002 PST(#299 of 8818)
aka Nanfile

Buttlerbeck, go to the house, then go up the stairs, click on AM, then go outside to the tree stumo, near the dock area in front of the house. you will see the Res Hawk there, after the Hawk, you will find some trouble, but I ain't telling!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7)