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Quincy M.E.
Susan Christoffersen

Haven't seen Quincy in years but this type of mystery was always a favorite; felt as though I learned a lot just from reading them. I would guess that fans of this show would also enjoy the Patricia Cornwell books, as I do. Anybody out there?


ANSWER: The only clue the audience was ever provided about Quincy's first name occurred (in the episode "Accomplice to Murder") when he handed a battered housewife his business card sharp-eyed viewers noted the card identified him as "R. Quincy".

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Fran Hinkel - 08:21am Aug 14, 2001 PST(#47 of 211)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

And... don't forget Lt. Columbo!!!!

Jackie Ward - 04:13pm Aug 17, 2001 PST(#48 of 211)

Ive met Jack Klugman and he is wonderful from Jackie Ward

Danny's Place - 05:54pm Aug 17, 2001 PST(#49 of 211)


Quincy is simply the best tv show ever. I first started watching Quincy about 20 years back... and always make sure not to miss the repeats!! I have recently lost my job due to running out of excuses for not being there when I was watching Quincy!!!!

But who needs money or drugs when we got Quincy to watch? Also, has anyone got any Quincy episodes in VCD/mpeg format? Id be pleased to know, Ive included my email..


Anthony Larsen/Rupert Willows - 03:42am Aug 30, 2001 PST(#50 of 211)

Quincy is a god among gods, words cannot describe his beauty

Yiggaroo - 08:01am Sep 4, 2001 PST(#51 of 211)

How can one man be so angry and letchy at the same time? Klugman's a genius I tells you!!!

Lizzy Davies - 10:00am Sep 5, 2001 PST(#52 of 211)

I was absolutely horrified this afternoon to turn on my tv and find that the quincy season was OVER!!! instead i was forced to watch some other medical drama pap, Diagnosis Murder.

However about two minutes into the programme, who should pop up in a cameo role, but Jack Klugman himself!! Looking decidedly older, and with a scratchy, 40-a-day voice he had certainly changed a little, but I still hold him in high regard.

What a star.

Helen Watkins - 12:44pm Sep 17, 2001 PST(#53 of 211)

I would like to make my love and affection for 'Quince' known to the world. Even if the day starts off bad your mood can always be brightened when you turn on the telly and hear: "we're now entering the the most fascinating sphere of police work...the art of forensic medicine". Ooooo it send a shiver!!!!

Quince - I LOVE U xx xx xx

Jackie Ward - 06:32pm Oct 5, 2001 PST(#54 of 211)

Hello all Quincy Fans Its just not the same without the daily episode of our favourite programme is it, never mind Im sure he will be back again soon until then I have to console myself with the taped episodes I have. Does anyone else love the forensic genius so muc they also tape him?

bill (uk) - 12:31pm Oct 18, 2001 PST(#55 of 211)

does anyone know where i can download an episode of quincy? somebody help me. please.

Simon Onions - 03:24pm Oct 23, 2001 PST(#56 of 211)

Quincy kicks ass

Stephie Rae - 08:36am Dec 3, 2001 PST(#57 of 211)

I love Quincy, it is a real shame that they have replaced it with 'Diagnosis Murder' with dick van Dyke and son of Van Dyke (aka Barry Van Dyke). Give Quincy back to the British Public. Now. Dammit!!!!

Rosanne Valdez - 01:26pm Dec 5, 2001 PST(#58 of 211)

Does anyone know what "Quincy's" first name was?

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