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Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Curse of Blackmoor Manor
Curse of Blackmoor Manor
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Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Official Strategy GuideOfficial Strategy Guide:
The Secret of Shadow Ranch

All is not well in Blackmoor Manor, a Fourteenth Century English mansion haunted by a tragic past. You, as Nancy Drew, embark on your first international adventure to visit Linda Penvellyn, your neighbor's daughter and newlywed wife of a British diplomat. A mysterious malady keeps Linda hidden behind thick bed curtains. Is she hiding from something or someone, or is a more menacing threat stalking her? Face your fears to find the truth!

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P-cat93~:)(:!!! - 08:07am Jun 3, 2007 PST(#7727 of 9114)
limabean! ``````````~~~~~~~~~~~~`IDK why i put that up i just felt like it!!:)(: *stop laughing @ me!!!!*lol:)(:

the coat of arms is under his picture & on the door tha leeds to that small room w/ the dragon!! :)(:

Sakura-Sleuth - 08:33am Jun 3, 2007 PST(#7728 of 9114)

Why are my posts not showing up?!

Sakura-Sleuth - 02:56am Jun 4, 2007 PST(#7729 of 9114)

The coat of arms that has the password on it, you mean? Spoiler!

Look for the Coat of Arms with the snake biting its tail on it. If you're on borrowed time, I have no problem giving you another hint: When you're standing on the stairway, on your way downstairs,the coat of arms is on Nancy's right, near the end of the hall, not on the end that the Betty machine is on.

2007pinky - 11:04am Jun 4, 2007 PST(#7730 of 9114)

yes the air thing is working.......but what am i supossed to do next???I already asked u how 2 get that fountain work? and how 2 make that key...I am realy stuck here guysss pls HELP HELP HELP. When I do the wand thingy Nance always says that i should do something first (maybe that is cause I cant make the fountain work!) please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllppp Naida

skipper -13 - 11:56am Jun 4, 2007 PST(#7731 of 9114)

How do you get the gargole in the right place when ever I look in that dudes picture. put the gargole in that same position but nothing happens and where do you find all the gost for the computer games.

chico - 03:13pm Jun 4, 2007 PST(#7732 of 9114)
I rox your sox!

HELLO!! Does like anybody know what position the pipes in the colomns in the great hall?!?!? please help!

chico - 03:14pm Jun 4, 2007 PST(#7733 of 9114)
I rox your sox!

SPOLIER! skipper go into the libray and ask nigel about the coat of arms of the guy with the gargoyle!

skipper -13 - 03:43pm Jun 4, 2007 PST(#7734 of 9114)

I asked him but when ever I try putting the gargole in that position ot will not do any thing.

talor - 01:39pm Jun 5, 2007 PST(#7735 of 9114)
Nice to be back :)

I have wone this gane B-4 but i have a Q...

How do you see the lady in black? I never saw 'er.

skipper -13 - 01:43pm Jun 5, 2007 PST(#7736 of 9114)

Can someone at least tell me where I find the last ghost I found 2 in the conserveatory, 3 in the hall ways, 3 near the kithchen, and 4 in the great hall. I need to know where the last one is.

Shirley Temple - 01:53pm Jun 5, 2007 PST(#7737 of 9114)

How doyou do the triangle thing for the passage way near lulu?

Shirley Temple - 02:06pm Jun 5, 2007 PST(#7738 of 9114)

I was asking anybody and if you are talking to me about any idieas I do not have any. I just need help with the thing on Jane's door and the triangle thing do you know any thing about that? (to xryaxchelx and for the questions any body else.)

xrayyxchelx - 02:25pm Jun 5, 2007 PST(#7739 of 9114)
"Raise your hands all you nations, shout to God all creation. How awesome is the Lord most high"


1)how do i solve the puzzle above Jane's door. 2)What's the magic word to get LuLu(annoying parrot) to tell me what barber means to him.

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11)