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How to Use the Social Lounge


First, a little history. In the days before the Social Lounge existed, we still had Teasers and Online Mysteries (called The Case back then). We were finding that people wanted to talk with each other and it was cluttering up the games (and Iím sure annoying a lot of people too!) and making it hard to find the topic thread that was supposed to be discussed. So, we decided to have a separate area where people could talk about other things, hence the Social Lounge was born and has grown from having one discussion to chat in to having many areas and topics to discuss.

The best advice I can give on learning the ropes of the Social Lounge is to look into each folder to see what it contains. Be sure to register (itís free!) by clicking Register Now on the top of the page in the grey area. The next step (and every time you visit MysteryNet and want to read or add a post) be sure to log in first. Once you find something that you think you will want to go back to, click the Subscribe button just above the posting box in each discussion. Now you will be taken to that discussion any time a new post has been added. You can subscribe to as many discussions as you like and unsubscribe at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button that you will see if you have previously subscribed.

To get you started, itís nice to have you introduce yourself, although not required. You can tell us as much or as little as you like about yourself, or simply just tell us you are here! That Discussion is called Introduce Yourself and can be found here:

"Introduce Yourself"

You will notice the route you took to get there at the top of the page. It will say

Mystery Net Community > Social Lounge > Getting To Know You - Your Favorites >

That means that, from MysteryNet Community, you are in the Social Lounge, in a Folder called Getting to Know You Ė Your Favorites.

If you click that link for Getting to Know You, you will see all of the other Discussions that make up that Folder. It works the same way throughout the site, so if you ever want to check just where you are, that will tell you.

All of the Folders can be found on the main Social Lounge page here:

Social Lounge


Posting a message is very easy. You will have to be logged in first. When you find something you would like to add a comment on, simply type your message into the posting box which can be found at the bottom of the page at each Discussion. Remember that this is not like live chat and people may not be here at the same time that you are. This is more like a message board, so check back often to see if someone has answered your post.

Q. Where should I post if I just want to say hello or find people to chat with?
A. We have several Discussions for people just to chat, with no particular topic as a heading. These include:

"Just Because"

"Cozy Kitchen"

"I Confess"

Q. What other Discussions would I be interested in keeping up with?
A. If you plan on being a regular member, you will find that the people are fantastic and that this Community is like no other found on the Web. We respect and care about each other and have become a sort of family who always warmly welcomes new members, and you will find just about anything being discussed.

For the latest news, either about the website or about what is happening in peopleís lives, you will probably want to keep up-to-date at

"Announcement Board and Other News"

Q. What can I do here, other than chat?
A. There are a number of games that started out in the Social Lounge and became so popular they warranted their own areas. You will want to check these out and join in on the fun!



Q. Is there someplace I can go for help to have my post appear the way I want it to?
A. Yes! You can test out your posting skills or ask how to do something at

Test Your Posting Skills

That should get you started! If you have any questions, you can ask them here:

Ask a Question

Or you can email Fran at this address.

Hope you enjoy the site and stay around for a long time!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / How to Use the Social Lounge

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