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Fanfic by Members

We invite writers to write stories about their favorite mystery characters. We ask that you stay true to the character you are writing about and to maintain the orginal flavor of the books/shows that your character is taken from.

To add your own fanfic story, please click on Add Folder, give your Folder the character title (e.g., Monk Fanfic; Inspector Morse Fanfic), and click OK. Please begin the story by clicking on Add Discussion in the folder that you have created; give your story a title. You can then come back and continue posting until the entire story is finished or you can post it all at once.

Please remember to check first to see if your character has already been added. To add a new fanfic for a character already listed, simply click on the character name and then click Add Discussion and give your story a title.

If you are no longer interested in finishing your story, please email me and I will delete it. Stories that have not been added to for a month will be automatically deleted unless I am notified by the poster.

That's it! Hope you have fun!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Mysteries By Members  / Fanfic by Members

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