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I Confess

I Confess was a discussion we had in the early days of MysteyNet. I thought it would be fun to bring it back and see how it goes.

You can confess your truest feelings here or just everyday things.

We are here to listen, so confess away.

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Fran Hinkel - 03:57am Sep 28, 2008 PST(#77 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I confess I'm glad you guys like the decorations!

Fran Hinkel - 03:49am Oct 1, 2008 PST(#78 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I confess - the world has been bothering me for years. I know, it sounds kind of funny, but I'm serious. I've been worried for a very long time about how our morals, as a country (I know it is everywhere but I will speak of the US only) have slowly been eroding away. I've been watching while we have priced ourselves out of living an ordinary one parent stays home, one parent works society. I look at my youngest daughter and wonder how she will ever be able to afford a house - never mind my grandchildren! We're killing each other at alarming rates and we want to take God out of every place we think he doesn't "belong". For a long time, I've felt we were headed the way of the great Roman Empire and all of the Empires who enjoyed practically leading civilization - in other words, for a big fall. Now we have this financial crisis. Terrorists could not have done a better job on our economy than we have done to ourselves.

I know that this is not something that is likely to happen - but the bizarre thought came into my head about us becoming so weakened that we could be ripe for invasion by some not very likable country! I wondered about myself and my patriotism and if I would be strong enough to stand for my country, no matter what - or would I cower and pretend to go along? I know how silly this sounds, but it really bothered me - because, unlike the Jews who had to face the holocaust, I've never had to live through anything like that - and I was not sure of what my answer would be! Just how strong could I be if I were tested?

I confess, even though I am pretty sure the answer is no (LOL) I wondered if anyone else has ever had thoughts like that.

Fran Hinkel - 04:02am Oct 1, 2008 PST(#79 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I confess, that was a little deep, LOL. So, on a lighter note (no pun intended)!

I confess, we just re-did my kitchen and put recessed lighing in. We are trying to do our part and have replaced the incandescent bulbs with the new CFL's. I confess, I hate the light! First, you have to wait for the lights to come to full power and then, the light looks funny to me. Has anyone else switched over and what do you think of them?

Bren - 01:35pm Oct 1, 2008 PST(#80 of 3115)
For most of history, Anonymous was a woman--Virginia Woolf

I confess.. on your first post Fran, I have to say I've never thought things like that.

as for your second.. I have cfls in every lamp in my house, and in most of the over head lighting. I find no difference in them actually except in my electric bill, yes I did see a big drop in that probably $40.00 the first year I had them in. So I'm all for them, I'll never have any other type of bulb again.

kirsten b - 05:15pm Oct 1, 2008 PST(#81 of 3115)

I have CFL's in most of my lights. They are a tad bit different and for the most part they come on pretty quickly unless they are cold.

rubyj - 07:47pm Oct 1, 2008 PST(#82 of 3115)
I confess...started using wrinkle cream and dyed my my face is darker and my hair is wrinkled...whassup with that?

I confess that I've changed most lights as well, but the bill isn't going down enough...short of unplugging each and everything before going to work...I confess it's frustrating...

I confess that my country baffles me...sweet land of liberty...

Bren - 01:51am Oct 2, 2008 PST(#83 of 3115)
For most of history, Anonymous was a woman--Virginia Woolf

I confess ruby, if you lived where I do your electric bill would be so high, you'd have noticed a difference.

White Tornado - 04:48am Oct 2, 2008 PST(#84 of 3115)
(8@D)======> The WINDS of change are inevitable...but is the Power of Love......TORNADO WARNING: Some people are sheltered,,,,,, and then,,,,,, I unshelter them

I confess, Fran.......we've been having similar thoughts around here. Where it started maybe we will never pinpoint but when you take prayer out of school, take the paddle out of the parents hand, deaden reality with softer terms as "politcally correct" it is no wonder.
Don't know how many remember the recitation record by a Canadian called "The Americans", there was so much truth in it. We gave with no thought of taking over.
We are so in debt now to other countries such as trillions to China, but rather than it be a helping hand.....I believe it is more a circling of the wolves waiting to pounce when the time is right~~~~~~and that time may be now.
And I must confess~~~~we have done much more of it to ourselves as a nation. And this may be one of the last straws~~~~when the government talks cheap about universal health care while more and more go homeless and denied ER care or wait hours on end for treatment and yet now want to step in and help the "good old boys" way up at the top~~~~~~with whatever money we had left over to pay bills~~~~~~~just so they can maintain their status quo.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / I Confess

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