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List of Authors A - B

Add a new discussion for each current author, A through B, to be discussed, or contribute to one already here. Please list last name first.

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Go to Famous Characters/Authors to discuss the longtime greats of the mystery genre, including Poe, Holmes, Christie, Nancy Drew, and others.

 [D] Ablow, Keith (2 messages)
 [D] Abresch, Peter (1 message)
 [D] Adamson, Lydia (4 messages)
 [D] Aird, Catherine (2 messages)
 [D] Airth, Rennie (5 messages)
 [D] Albert, Neil (3 messages)
 [D] Albert, Susan Wittig (26 messages)
 [D] Alexander, Bruce (2 messages)
 [D] Allen, Bryony (new)
 [D] Allen, Irene (3 messages)
 [D] Allen, Steve (9 messages)
 [D] Allingham, Margery (7 messages)
 [D] Alpert, Mark (new)
 [D] Amerman, Lockhart (new)
 [D] Andrews, Donna (3 messages)
 [D] Archer, Jeffrey (45 messages)
 [D] Armstrong, Lori (new)
 [D] Aron, Thomas J. (1 message)
 [D] Asimov,Isaac (5 messages)
 [D] Atherton, Nancy (14 messages)
 [D] Atkins, Ace (new)
 [D] Atkinson, Michael (new)
 [D] Ayres, E.C. (1 message)
 [D] Bain, Brian (new)
 [D] Baldacci, David (13 messages)
 [D] Banks, Jacqueline Turner (new)
 [D] Bannister, Jo (2 messages)
 [D] Barnard, Robert (4 messages)
 [D] Barnes, Linda (22 messages)
 [D] Barr, Nevada (39 messages)
 [D] Barre, Richard (3 messages)
 [D] Baxter, Cynthia (1 message)
 [D] Beaton, M.C. (46 messages)
 [D] Beck, K. K. (5 messages)
 [D] Becker, Scott E. (new)
 [D] Beckett, Simon (new)
 [D] Bernhardt, William (2 messages)
 [D] Berry, Carole (2 messages)
 [D] Berry, Steve (4 messages)
 [D] Billheimer, John (new)
 [D] Birmingham, Ruth (new)
 [D] Bishop, Claudia (21 messages)
 [D] Bishop, Paul (new)
 [D] Blackstock, Terri (1 message)
 [D] Blake, Nicholas (new)
 [D] Bland, Eleanor Taylor (1 message)
 [D] Block, Lawrence (54 messages)
 [D] Bochco, Steven (new)
 [D] Booth, Stephen (new)
 [D] Borthwick, J.S. (1 message)
 [D] Bowen, Michael (new)
 [D] Bowen, Rhys (4 messages)
 [D] Boyle, Gerry (8 messages)
 [D] Bradley, Miriam Jones (new)
 [D] Brand, Christianna (4 messages)
 [D] Brandreth, Gyles (new)
 [D] Braun, Lilian Jackson (160 messages)
 [D] Brett, Simon (22 messages)
 [D] Briant, Shane (new)
 [D] Brightwell, Emily (11 messages)
 [D] Brown, Frederic (2 messages)
 [D] Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie (54 messages)
 [D] Brown, Sandra (2 messages)
 [D] Buchanan, Edna (5 messages)
 [D] Buckley Jr., William F. (2 messages)
 [D] Buckley, Fiona (1 message)
 [D] Bugliosi, Vincent (new)
 [D] Burcell, Robin (new)
 [D] Burke, James Lee (15 messages)
 [D] Burke, Jan (new)
 [D] Burley, William J. (4 messages)
 [D] Burnham, John A. (new)
 [D] Butler, Gwendolyn (5 messages)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B

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