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Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secrets Can Kill
"Secrets Can Kill"
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blossom65 - 12:20pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#62 of 8374)

Please help I really NEED the note from Daryl!

nycgirl - 02:15pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#63 of 8374)

have spoken to hulk about his injury and the break in. i spoke to connie about her necklace. i haven't spoken to hal about cheating because it won't let me. everytime i go to speak to any of them it will only let me say good bye. and i can't decode the clue in the library with 121 letters all in black. i have been everywhere and i have written down all the clues but i don't know what to do next. i figured out what the note said in the library and who is mitch? and everytime i call for help two of them say they can't help me and the other one keeps telling me to go in the boiler room. and what matches? i don't see any. what do i do now?

Calali - 02:50pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#64 of 8374)
If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

blossom- Are you positive you've done everything? Why don't you recheck.

nycgirl- Yo'll find out who Mitch is. For now, try exploring the boiler room, Aunt Eloise's and the diner.

blossom65 - 03:22pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#65 of 8374)

Calali-just re-checked everything,still didn't get the note from Daryl.

blossom65 - 03:26pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#66 of 8374)

What do I do Calali?

Angel_1991 - 03:58pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#67 of 8374)

blossom65- have you talked to Connie about her necklace?

blossom65 - 04:06pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#68 of 8374)

Angel 1991-Yes

KatEde - 04:28pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#69 of 8374)

blossom65- Make sure u talk to Hulk about his injury AND the robbery at the pharmacy.Hal about his cheating, and connie about her necklace.

KatEde - 04:33pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#70 of 8374)

Blossom and nyc girl*~ Make sure u talk to each of the people. Talking to Hal is the hardest part because u have to see the files in the teachers room for him to "confess" he has been cheating. To talk to connie, u have to look at a book in the library that has "Kanji" signs then look at a poster near the gym about Judo. And u should know what to do for hal. Look At EVERY clue and write them down somwhere. It all connects to somtihing in the game. You can do it yourself if you just try. I hope i helped~ ~*KAtrina*~

blossom65 - 04:34pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#71 of 8374)

KatEde-I've done all of that.

KatEde - 04:45pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#72 of 8374)

Blossom- Talked to Daryl?

blossom65 - 04:47pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#73 of 8374)

KatEde-Yes I have.

KatEde - 04:49pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#74 of 8374)

OK then he shouldve said something like i have a note for you. Then you have to click to the left of him

KatEde - 04:51pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#75 of 8374)

If he didnt say that, then keep goin back to the diner and talking to him. You have to talk to daryl a lot i think. Somtimes it works sometimes it doesnt work.

blossom65 - 04:51pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#76 of 8374)

I know I don't understand why he didn't.

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)