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Nero Wolfe
We're curious if any other mystery buffs are addicted to Rex Stout. Is Wolfe truly an olympus of detection - compared with say, Poirot or Maigret?

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Dorothy A. Baker-Mill - 07:39am Aug 3, 1998 PST(#40 of 128)

I agree that Jackie Gleason would have been a perfect Nero Wolfe. What about Martin Short for Fritz?

Paul Watson - 11:22am Aug 3, 1998 PST(#41 of 128)

Hey, Stuart --

Bruce Willis's "Moonlighting" character was exactly what I had in mind! His David had some Archie-like qualities (for instance, nagging Maddie into taking a given case recalls Archie prodding Wolfe to do some work). He's a much better actor than some give him credit for -- see his work in _Pulp Fiction_. No, not _Die Hard_ style . . . but recall the action scenes in the garage in _The Golden Spiders_.

Ross Moritz - 03:34am Aug 9, 1998 PST(#42 of 128)

Nero Wolfe is a true thinking man's detective with a penchant for staying out of the fray. Bruce could be a good Archie, I have enjoyed his acting for years. The best Wolfe would have to be Orson Wells. The TV series, or maybe it was just a movie, proved this, and Lee Horsley (TV's Matt Houston) played Archie, and did a fine job. All in allm, I think Wolfe is best left to the page, he is an enjoyable read, but not very interesting to watch on the whole.

hellerfan - 02:04pm Aug 9, 1998 PST(#43 of 128)

Is Goldsborough (or anyone) planning to write a new Wolfe novel? I love re-reading the old stories, but a new one would be a treat. Also, even though I'm a Bruce Willis fan, I can't imagine him as Archie. I always see Archie as less hard-edged than Willis. I also don't think that Jackie Gleason would have made a good Wolfe. He was an excellent actor, but I don't see him playing the high-browed pomposity necessary for Wolfe. Welles would have been perfect. Conrad did okay in the series. The problem there was with the scripts. But I agree that Wolfe is meant for the pages, not the samll screen. The big screen is a different story. There have been movies, like LA Confidential and The Usual Suspects, that prove that period, hard-boil detective movies can succeed. I think a good Wolfe script in this genre could be written. But that get's us back to casting. How about one of the Baldwin brothers as Archie?

ellen smock - 10:48pm Aug 16, 1998 PST(#44 of 128)

James Earl Jones would be a great Nero Wolfe!!!!!--Yes there are lots of issues but he absolutely captures the feel. Sean Connery with a lot of padding--or Anthony Hopkins, if he could do Nixon he can do anything--would be great. Horstly was a good Archie--that role made me watch him for years. I can see Tom Selleck. I can even--stretch your imagination--see Matthew Perry from Friends. What Archie needs is sexiness, confidence, humour and a certain amount of humility.

Marilyn Blaho - 07:47pm Aug 18, 1998 PST(#45 of 128)

I love the idea of Matt Perry as Archie, but I would love to see the original sets, clothing and buildings, architecture, etc. I want to see Archie out dancing (at lunch time) with one of his belles. Who was his girlfriend that he seemed to be in love with?

Paul Watson - 09:58am Aug 31, 1998 PST(#46 of 128)

Marilyn B. wrote:

<< Who was his girlfriend that he seemed to be in love with? >>

She was Lily Rowan, a very wealthy (Archie used the expression "well-heeled and playful") woman who was involved in the early _Some Buried Caesar_ case. It's in that novel that she nicknames Archie "Escamillo". She turns up or is mentioned in nearly all the novels. As an aside, she was also probably the only woman who ever kissed Wolfe, at least during his New York years. (See _In the Best Families_.)

Mark J Tilford - 05:52pm Aug 31, 1998 PST(#47 of 128)
A Freak among freaks


<<She turns up or is mentioned in nearly all the novels.>>

She's not an important character at the beginning; _In the Best Families_ is only the third book in which she appears. After that she's fairly regular, though.


shailesh khadilkar - 02:44pm Sep 2, 1998 PST(#48 of 128)

Even though I love Nero Wolfe and Archie and Saul and Fred and Lon..... I do not think that Wolfe mysteries are very intriguing. Now, don't get me wrong, I own almost all the Nero Wolfe novels ever published, but, I did not buy them because they were good mysteries, I just happen to like the writing style of Rex Stout and narration of Archie. But, as far as quality of mystery goes I would give Rex Stout say 4 out of 10.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Nero Wolfe

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