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Nero Wolfe
We're curious if any other mystery buffs are addicted to Rex Stout. Is Wolfe truly an olympus of detection - compared with say, Poirot or Maigret?

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Jim Parhamovich - 09:10pm Sep 3, 1997 PST(#6 of 128)

I've been addicted to Nero Wolfe since my early teens. My mother got me started reading her old paperbacks. I have read and re-read all the stories. I've got most of them in paperback. I keep reading them and keep finding more and more interesting stuff. I haven't read any of the other major detectives, just Wolfe. I found some of Goldsborough(sp?) to be somewhat off the mark. I could never picture Wolfe acting the way GOldsborough wrote him. I have most of his books but keep going back to the originals. I'm glad that there are others like me that are addicted to Wolfe.

Marian Allen - 09:07am Sep 4, 1997 PST(#7 of 128)

Jim, you said, " I found some of Goldsborough(sp?) to be somewhat off the mark. I could never picture Wolfe acting the way GOldsborough wrote him." I couldn't agree more! I thought Goldsborough was SO CLOSE, but far enough off to set my teeth on edge.

Jim Parhamovich - 09:22pm Sep 4, 1997 PST(#8 of 128)

In a previous post, I saw that someone referred to "Cannon's WOlfe" and I wondered if it referred the short lived series on tv starring WIlliam Conrad. The show was horrible. Conrad played Wolfe as badly as can be (but what do you expect from the narrator of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show). As bad as the acting was, can anyone imagine Nero Wolfe with a beard??? It's a pity that the show was for some their only fleeting (thankfully) glance at Nero Wolfe. Fortuneately the show was cancelled and will probably never be shown in re-runs.

Julie R. Kelley - 12:58am Sep 6, 1997 PST(#9 of 128)

Marian I agree with you and others on Goldsborough, tried to say so a few days ago but it seems my membership had been canceled. E-gad! The difference that comes to my mind, not having read a Goldsborough for quite some time (I did try 2) was Archie's personality. In Stout Archie came across as clever and intellegent, In Goldsborough he comes across as a smarmy smart-ass. I'm curious about "writer" under your name, do you write mysteries? We seem to have very similiar tastes, I would like to read your stuff.

Marian Allen - 09:33am Sep 8, 1997 PST(#10 of 128)

Julie - No, I love mysteries, but I can't seem to write one. It takes a special skill to plant those clues, drag those red herrings, withhold the explanations, and make it all make sense in the end. I'm always afraid I've either made everything so obscure the reader won't buy the solution or made everything so obvious the reader knows whodunnit from the beginning. The one mystery I've written is a mess! It's in line for a rewrite Real Soon Now.

I write fantasy/science fiction, but I probably read mostly mysteries. Go figure! <smile>

Nancy Sanchez - 02:50am Sep 15, 1997 PST(#11 of 128)

I thought i was the onl living nero wolf fan so darned glad it isn't so....Rex Stout wasa magnificent writer of for aaaarchie being SH...nephew....well there personslities can't be further apart!

Mark J Tilford - 09:48am Dec 9, 1997 PST(#12 of 128)
A Freak among freaks

The Thayer David movie - I heard the pilot for the TV show was based on _The Doorbell Rang_ and had a different actor as Wolfe. Unfortunately, the actor died before any of the other episodes were filmed, and Conrad replaced him as the great detective. Is it possible that this is the Wolfe film with Thayer David?

Also, I heard that reruns of the tv show are currently running. I don't know on what station, though.

--- mjt

Gina Gilmore - 10:04pm Feb 8, 1998 PST(#13 of 128)

Goldsborough just misses - the wit doesn't have the same sparkle and the characters are just a little off in his books. But I've found that true in almost all books that are taken over by another author. Its never the same.

I just got the Nero Wolfe cookbook the other day so can cross reference all the food parts. Its really neat!!!

Marian Allen - 03:29pm Feb 10, 1998 PST(#14 of 128)

Gina, the cookbook must be fabulous! See, I think we need a discussion in here on culinary mysteries and culinary aspects of mysteries. What do you think?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Nero Wolfe

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