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Nero Wolfe
We're curious if any other mystery buffs are addicted to Rex Stout. Is Wolfe truly an olympus of detection - compared with say, Poirot or Maigret?

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Marian Allen - 09:33am Sep 8, 1997 PST(#10 of 128)

Julie - No, I love mysteries, but I can't seem to write one. It takes a special skill to plant those clues, drag those red herrings, withhold the explanations, and make it all make sense in the end. I'm always afraid I've either made everything so obscure the reader won't buy the solution or made everything so obvious the reader knows whodunnit from the beginning. The one mystery I've written is a mess! It's in line for a rewrite Real Soon Now.

I write fantasy/science fiction, but I probably read mostly mysteries. Go figure! <smile>

Nancy Sanchez - 02:50am Sep 15, 1997 PST(#11 of 128)

I thought i was the onl living nero wolf fan so darned glad it isn't so....Rex Stout wasa magnificent writer of for aaaarchie being SH...nephew....well there personslities can't be further apart!

Mark J Tilford - 09:48am Dec 9, 1997 PST(#12 of 128)
A Freak among freaks

The Thayer David movie - I heard the pilot for the TV show was based on _The Doorbell Rang_ and had a different actor as Wolfe. Unfortunately, the actor died before any of the other episodes were filmed, and Conrad replaced him as the great detective. Is it possible that this is the Wolfe film with Thayer David?

Also, I heard that reruns of the tv show are currently running. I don't know on what station, though.

--- mjt

Gina Gilmore - 10:04pm Feb 8, 1998 PST(#13 of 128)

Goldsborough just misses - the wit doesn't have the same sparkle and the characters are just a little off in his books. But I've found that true in almost all books that are taken over by another author. Its never the same.

I just got the Nero Wolfe cookbook the other day so can cross reference all the food parts. Its really neat!!!

Marian Allen - 03:29pm Feb 10, 1998 PST(#14 of 128)

Gina, the cookbook must be fabulous! See, I think we need a discussion in here on culinary mysteries and culinary aspects of mysteries. What do you think?

Pat Plummer - 08:34pm Mar 26, 1998 PST(#15 of 128)
Kitty lovin' foodie

I agree with Marian! Culinary mysteries bring together my two loves!! I read cookbooks in addition to mystery books and also just got a new copy of the Nero Wolfe Cookbook. I was fortunate to get an older penguin copy (I think it is penguin--it is Green!!) manyyears ago and have tried a number of the recipes. I'm no Fritz, but can enjoy the food as much as Wolfe and Archie. Diane Mott Davidson ranks right up there--foodwise, as well as the ladies from Hemlock Falls. You can readh me at my I am a school teacher and use both mysteries and cooking in my exceptional education classes. We publish a cookbook each year (A REAL Cookbook--this years is a 300+ page book with over 400 recipes with international recipes gathered from Embassies.) I am thinking of using food in mysteries next year for our theme. Any ideas or suggestions??

Scarlett O'Hara - 02:58am Apr 3, 1998 PST(#16 of 128)

Pat, I think that's a great idea! The only other mystery I can think of immediately that discusses food is the Spenser series. I am in awe of the speed and ease with which he whips up a gourmet meal from scraps, leftovers, and whatever he can find in his kitchen!

I would love to have a Nero Wolfe cookbook. I would also love to have a Nero Wolfe orchid book. Where do you find them?

Nancy, Archie wasn't Sherlock's nephew. Nero was the illegitimate son of Sherlock Holmes and "the woman"--Irene Adler. I am also a huge Sherlock fan, but bigger Nero fan.


Missy Sweesy - 12:16am Apr 4, 1998 PST(#17 of 128)
Life has a way of finding you, no matter how artistic a sneak you are.---Keeper proverb---Thief: The Dark Project.

I have a complete Nero Wolfe List! Just email me, and I'll send it right out. Please put Nero List in the Subject. I had to change servers, so if you've seen this post before, please note the new addy :) Thanx, Missy

Matthew Kreps - 06:29pm Apr 27, 1998 PST(#18 of 128)

I'm glad to see that Nero still has some fans out there... Did anyone ever catch the TV movie based on Dol Bonner, which starred Crystal Bernard, Annabeth Gish, and Rob Estes? It was truer to spirit than that travesty of a TV series. I gave up after the episode where Nero actually tries to set Archie up with a woman. (That's like having Peter Falk play Hercule Poirot.) A pity, because the casting could've worked.

If you had to cast the series again today, who would you pick? Living actors only, please.

Where on Earth did this rumor of Nero being Sherlock and Irene's illegitimate son come from? I've never heard it.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Nero Wolfe

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