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Fright Night 2: Return to the Reels

Just when you thought getting sucked into an endless stream of real- life horror films was just a fluke...


If you would like to join our Halloween Mystery Party, please post
* your email address
* preferred character gender (if you care)
* whether you are under or over 18.
* if you want a small role, a big role, or multiple roles
* your biggest fear

This MP will run from October 20 - November 2.

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Kermit Fog - 10:42pm Oct 28, 2013 PST(#20 of 41)
"I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me." -- Kermit the Frog

Okay, check your email for bios! I'll post folders tomorrow. For now you can post in here. Jeandiata, I used the email in your profile--hope that works! :o)

Mrs. Harriet E. Creep - 11:33am Oct 29, 2013 PST(#21 of 41)
Oh, did you still want that watch?

Hello, dearies.

Charles (Charlie) Fear - 02:45pm Oct 29, 2013 PST(#22 of 41)
Pilot Extraordinaire to the stars and beyond!

Greetings ma'am.

JaimeLynn - 05:54pm Oct 29, 2013 PST(#23 of 41)
So shines a good deed in a weary world - Willy Wonka

Woohoo I finally can be myself again!

Tiffany Spook - 06:31pm Oct 29, 2013 PST(#24 of 41)
Hometown reporter at your...oh look a squirrel!

Howdy y'all, I'm ready to rock'n'roll, oh dear is that my pen under the, hey I really want a coffee oh it smells so good, oops, sorry didn't mean to step on your, hey is that your briefcase or mine?

Abigail Shock - 09:20pm Oct 30, 2013 PST(#25 of 41)
Please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and stowed positions.

Would anyone like a beverage?

Lindsey Startle - 02:43pm Oct 31, 2013 PST(#26 of 41)
Snowboarder extraordinaire ... Just need to find some snow.

Hey dudes!

Deep Voiced Narrator - 09:34pm Nov 3, 2013 PST(#27 of 41)
In a world where everything is pretty much just like yours...

Jeandiata and Raeboy, I sent you character assignments but my email has been acting up lately and now I'm worried they didn't go through. Let me know if you didn't get it and still want to play--there is definitely time to jump in.

Chris Wise - 02:05am Jun 27, 2015 PST(#28 of 41)
Every day, do one thing that scares you.

DVN - This brought back memories that I didn't think were as far back as they apparently were....I love you casting me as a guy...with you as my girlfriend! :)

Fran Hinkel - 11:25am Aug 6, 2015 PST(#29 of 41)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Chris! Belatedly waving!

Chris Wise - 07:34am Aug 11, 2015 PST(#30 of 41)
Every day, do one thing that scares you.

(((Fran))) Belated waving back!

Jackson The detective - 01:12pm Aug 13, 2015 PST(#31 of 41)
The detective


Jackson The detective - 01:18pm Aug 13, 2015 PST(#32 of 41)
The detective

Id like to be a man

not over 18 yet...

I can play a big one or a small one im ok with whatever

being in a dark place with no one else with me

Jackson The detective - 01:24pm Aug 13, 2015 PST(#33 of 41)
The detective

Anyone on?

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