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Clue: The Board Game

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morgan norman - 12:44pm Aug 20, 2006 PST(#80 of 88)

me to we have a family game night

Danielle Travis - 08:07am Sep 20, 2006 PST(#81 of 88)

love clue

Utk Raja - 09:34pm Dec 22, 2007 PST(#82 of 88)

I LOVE Clue!! I'm a Clue fanatic. I have almost every Clue product ever produced...I just need some of the European ones, the keychain game, and the  first Clue VCR game.

Utk Raja - 09:36pm Dec 22, 2007 PST(#83 of 88)

And anyone who's into Clue, check out They have some security issue, and your computer might suggest you not to continue, but it doesn't do anything. Super-addictive, and probly the best online multiplayer game.

Arianna_1800 - 12:05pm Mar 22, 2008 PST(#84 of 88)
Our song is the slammin' screen door. Sneakin' out late tappin' on your window. When we're on the phone and ya talk reeeal slow 'cause it's late and your mama don't know. Our song is the way you laugh. First date man i didn't kiss her and i should have. And when i got home 'fore i said amen,askin' God if he could play it again. Our Song by Taylor Swift

love the game clue. i havent played in a while. but last time i tried to play(a couple of month ago)there were a bunch of little kids playin' and it was really confusin' :(

rachel callais - 07:19am Nov 12, 2008 PST(#85 of 88)

used 2 always love playing clue jr. when i was a lil kid but i never won it was always my sister

maddie peters - 05:20pm Apr 5, 2010 PST(#86 of 88)
im awesome

like it because i luv mysterys

river break5 - 04:13pm Mar 21, 2012 PST(#87 of 88)

like mysteries but how old are you guys?

Heidi Holumnberry - 10:08am Nov 5, 2012 PST(#88 of 88)

luv mysteries and stuff soooooo ya

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Clue: The Board Game

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