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What (or Who) Should I Read Next?
Need a suggestion? What's the best newly published mystery you've read lately? Have any suggestions for other viewers?
Please Note: To discuss an author in more depth, go to the Authors Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there. To discuss a genre or theme of mysteries, go to the Genres & Themes Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there.

PLEASE remember that not everyone will have read the whole book or know everything about the author that is being discussed. If you MUST discuss crucial plot information that could potentially spoil the ending of a book for someone (e.g., if somebody in the book dies), PLEASE WARN other community members by noting it at the top of your posting.

Are you looking for that next great book or author? You will want to check out our all new Book Reviews to see the latest offerings. Please take a moment to comment on the review and tell us if it sounds interesting to you.

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Jacques LeMans - 05:50pm Nov 17, 1997 PST(#98 of 1002)

Kathryn: Go to the "Cat Mysteries" discussion, in the "Themes" folder, which is in the "Genres & Themes" folder. You can ask for specific recommendations there.

Julie Kelley - 12:31am Nov 18, 1997 PST(#99 of 1002)

Just finished Sue Henry's "Death Takes Passage", a good read, rich in Alaska gold rush history. I have read all of her books, this is not the best but definitly worth reading.

Fran Hinkel - 09:56am Nov 18, 1997 PST(#100 of 1002)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!


I also read Turow's Presumed Innocent and Burden of Proof. I liked them very much but just couldn't get through Pleading Guilty. It's almost like they were written by two different authors.

Two of my favorite authors are Sue Grafton and Jonathon Kellerman. You can preview Grafton's work at

Fran 8-)

Jacques LeMans - 03:15pm Nov 19, 1997 PST(#101 of 1002)

Sue Henry sounds like an interesting author. Why not do a book review of the one you would recommend the most, and post it in the Book Reviews section? I'm sure others would be interested too. They even have guidelines of how to do it.

CARL A. MELTON - 03:50pm Nov 20, 1997 PST(#102 of 1002)

Victor and Katheryn Gratop: I always use the recommendations of mystery store owners and employees. The staff of The Myserious Bookshop of New York, and The Poisoned Pen bookstore always reocmmend great books. Both have websites. Also some great mystery fanzines with good book reviews. Deadly Pleasures (my personal favorite) Mostly Murder. The Drood Review. The Armchair Detective published by the Mysterious Bookshop staff and Mystery Scene. I use all of these sources as well as to make up my want to read lists.

I'm a very private person: see previous messages for the scoop on who likes Elizebeth George. I've enjoyed Walker'S The Red Scream. Under the beetles cellar. She has a new one coming out in march. I have never been able to find the first one. Zero to the bone. Jeff Abbott is a great humorous writer. I enjoy his small town atmosphere and about how the protagonist has to deal with his mother's alzheimer's disease.

K. Slaughter: I two enjoyed The Mermaid'S Singing. A sequel will soon appear in the early part of 1998. She also has two other ongoing series. One is about private eye Kate Branigan of Manchester England. I would recommend trying deadbeat first. The other series is about a lesbien news journalist I beleive her name is Lindsey Gorden. I haven't read this series yet. Don't know if it is published in the U.S.


K. Slaughter - 04:28pm Nov 24, 1997 PST(#103 of 1002)

Okay, now I've read those two that you mentioned. I ordered one of the books, Deadline for Murder, from Spinster press and just got it today. It's not as fast-paced as her others. I suppose Val was trying to get her legs. I am having trouble telling which lesbian is which, and who used to sleep with whom. Any other recommendations?

Johanna Hall - 02:58am Dec 2, 1997 PST(#104 of 1002)

I love so many of the new writers. Jonathan Kellerman's Survival of the Fittest is one of his best. He brings in the Israeli detective from Butcher's Theater and Dr. Delaware. Good combination! Faye Kellerman's Serpent's Tooth got slow at one point but it fit the book's feel. A new author is going to go far. The book is Deja Dead by ??Reichs. She's even better than Patricia Cornwall. My Favorite Dick Francis title is To the Hilt but his newest is very good...10# penalty. You can't miss with any of these titles.

K. Slaughter - 12:29pm Dec 2, 1997 PST(#105 of 1002)

I wasn't too interested in Deja Dead, mostly because of the writer's attitude in an interview I read. She came off as a little snotty, and when I did finally get around to reading the book, I couldn't get what she said out of my head so I ws a lot less forgiving than I usually am when reading this genre. I like the Kellermans, too, mostly because I think they teach a lot of people about the Jewish culture and how absolutely valid it is.

carl a. melton - 02:13pm Dec 12, 1997 PST(#106 of 1002)

This week I can recommend Cyberkiss by Sally Chapman. Fun book to read if you like chatting on the Internet like we do. An early Robert B. Parker book I`ve missed A Catskill Eagle is probably one of his best. I hate the Spenser television series they show every morning on one of our local channels. A new author I've tried this week was Jamie Harrison's Edge of the Crazies. This is a humorous mystery sort of in the style of Joan Hess Maggody books. Peace

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / What (or Who) Should I Read Next?

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