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What (or Who) Should I Read Next?
Need a suggestion? What's the best newly published mystery you've read lately? Have any suggestions for other viewers?
Please Note: To discuss an author in more depth, go to the Authors Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there. To discuss a genre or theme of mysteries, go to the Genres & Themes Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there.

PLEASE remember that not everyone will have read the whole book or know everything about the author that is being discussed. If you MUST discuss crucial plot information that could potentially spoil the ending of a book for someone (e.g., if somebody in the book dies), PLEASE WARN other community members by noting it at the top of your posting.

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carl a. melton - 02:13pm Dec 12, 1997 PST(#106 of 1002)

This week I can recommend Cyberkiss by Sally Chapman. Fun book to read if you like chatting on the Internet like we do. An early Robert B. Parker book I`ve missed A Catskill Eagle is probably one of his best. I hate the Spenser television series they show every morning on one of our local channels. A new author I've tried this week was Jamie Harrison's Edge of the Crazies. This is a humorous mystery sort of in the style of Joan Hess Maggody books. Peace

kim steelman - 01:53am Dec 22, 1997 PST(#107 of 1002)

I have just finished the new bartholomew gill 'death of an Irish tinker'. it kept me turning pages, but i was disappointed at ending,

would suggest jill churchill's pun-y titled books ('a quiche before dying', 'the class menagerie') to anyone who wants some light reading between heavies.

adore mr. francis. i do not think '10 lb. penalty' nearly as good as 'to the hilt', but still feel earlier books were best before publisher pushed him to write longer than 200-so pages. 'smoke screen' is a standout.


Julie Kelley - 03:33am Dec 26, 1997 PST(#108 of 1002)

Love all her books. Just got War & Peas for Christmas! Also because of some of the comments on this page I asked for Janet Evanovich books, got two of those for Christmas. I'm not from New Jersey so the bashing wont bother me. I just like a mystery that amuses. I agree that some of Dick Francis's earlier books are the best but still wait breathlessly for each new one (in paperback). Turned my dad on to Francis recently and he went back and read every one of them in a couple of weeks!

Karen Kotrba - 03:55pm Dec 29, 1997 PST(#109 of 1002)

Has anyone heard anything about A&E running the British Hamish Macbeth series? I like heaby duty mysteries and the "fluff" like both of MC Beaton's series. I live in Ohio and got my mother, a Floridian -- who nurtered my love of mysteries, God bless her -- hooked on both Agatha Raisen and Hamish. Now she haunts the bookstores in Florida looking for more. Either series is more fun than a bag of potato chips... our minds need quality junk food too.

D. Lynn - 03:25pm Jan 1, 1998 PST(#110 of 1002)

I like Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford series; some of her psychological suspense novels, and those written as Barbara Vine, are just too weird for me.

I thought Road Rage was particularly good. Wexford's personal involvement in the case led to great character development. A good friend was just lukewarm about the book, though. Anyone else read it? I found the family dynamics realistic and touching.

Michelle Grudzien - 03:26pm Jan 1, 1998 PST(#111 of 1002)

My husband and I were at the Black Orchid in N.Y. and the owners recommended Fade Away to my husband as a sports mystery. Not being into "sports mysteries" I put off reading it until one night out of desperation I picked it up. Wonderful mystery, wonderful characters. I could hardly wait to pick up his other books. I love the endings. Very satisfying, especially Fade Away. I have recommended this book to many other mystery fans and all have gone back for more.

E. Dahn - 07:55pm Jan 2, 1998 PST(#112 of 1002)

Right now, I'm really enjoying Martha Grimes's Richard Jury/Melrose Plant series. I just read the latest one, _The Case Has Altered_, and the quality of her writing is still excellent. Her characters are especially marvelous. I am eager to read more. Has anyone else read her?

I also recommend Anne Perry's William Monk series set in the Victorian Age. She too has complex characters. She never fails to surprise me at the end. Lovely writing.

Michelle Grudzien - 09:19pm Jan 2, 1998 PST(#113 of 1002)

To E. Dahn:

I have all of Martha Grimes books and have been an advid fan for years. Her characters are wonderful, what would we do without Aunt Agatha and Sgt. Wiggins. I also enjoy Anne Perry. If you like Martha Grimes you might try Deborah Crombie, her Superintendent Duncan Kincaid reminds me a lot of Richard Jury although she doesn't have as many of the comical side characters.

Julie Kelley - 02:59am Jan 3, 1998 PST(#114 of 1002)

Just finished War & Peas, loved it as much as all of Churchill's other books. Light entertaining, books, well written, characters that seem like friends even though my life doesn't in the least resemble theirs. I am always one book behind because I wait for the paperbacks.

I did get the hardcover of Martha Grimes "The Case Has Altered". I will read it next. I like her earlier books better than the last couple.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / What (or Who) Should I Read Next?

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