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What (or Who) Should I Read Next?
Need a suggestion? What's the best newly published mystery you've read lately? Have any suggestions for other viewers?
Please Note: To discuss an author in more depth, go to the Authors Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there. To discuss a genre or theme of mysteries, go to the Genres & Themes Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there.

PLEASE remember that not everyone will have read the whole book or know everything about the author that is being discussed. If you MUST discuss crucial plot information that could potentially spoil the ending of a book for someone (e.g., if somebody in the book dies), PLEASE WARN other community members by noting it at the top of your posting.

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Meredith Mahler - 08:47am Jun 30, 1998 PST(#148 of 1002)


For some more British mysteries, try Martha Grimes, Jonathan Gash and Dick Francis. Not every book is set in England, but the majority are.

I would love to chat with anyone who wants to discuss a good mystery. I need to catch up on the good ones. E-mail me at and lets talk. I love almost all types except historical mysteries.

Janelle - 06:50pm Jul 6, 1998 PST(#149 of 1002)

I'm in the middle of Sandra Scoppettone's Gonna Take An Homicidal Journey. It's fifth in a series that features Lauren Laurano P.I. Has anyone else read her?

Janelle - 07:05pm Jul 8, 1998 PST(#150 of 1002)

Scoppettone's Gonna Take A Homicidal Journey was a terrific read! It was one of the best so far in the series! :-o)!

Gary Galbraith - 08:19pm Jul 8, 1998 PST(#151 of 1002)

Does anyone have any info on Richard Starks books about the character Parker? I read one (I think the first one) in 1963, and have been looking for it to read again. His comeback book "Comeback" came out last year. I would love to find out how to get the rest of his works. My email is The .ll. are two elles.

Janelle - 08:32pm Jul 13, 1998 PST(#152 of 1002)

I discovered a new writer! Echo Heron. She writes medical thrillers/mysteries. The name of the book is Pulse. It features a nurse named Adele Monsarrat. I've never read anything like this before! I enjoy Adele and her bestfriend Cynthia trying to solve the mystery. It's different from what I'm used to reading. I highly recommend reading Pulse. *Harry Levi, I finally have your book Chain Of Custody and I'll start on it right away!*

Maggie O'Neil - 04:41pm Jul 15, 1998 PST(#153 of 1002)

Thanks for the recommendation (Pulse). I'm going to the library soon, and am looking for a new medical thriller to read. Have you read any Stanley (I think) Pottinger? He wrote The Fourth Procedure in 1995. I've never run into anyone who's heard of him. It was teriffic!

Janelle - 06:48pm Jul 17, 1998 PST(#154 of 1002)

Yes, Maggie I did read The 4th Procedure! It was excellent! I hope that you'll like Pulse.

Janelle - 03:05pm Jul 19, 1998 PST(#155 of 1002)

Chain Of Custody- was good! It didn't disappoint me at all! The chapters were short and to the point. The medical and legal jargon was easy to follow. Harry you did good! Can't wait for the next book!

lostluv - 10:57am Jul 23, 1998 PST(#156 of 1002)

Any Dark Shadow fans write me.

Janelle - 10:18pm Jul 26, 1998 PST(#157 of 1002)

Well I just finish reading Echo Heron's newest book called Panic. Panic brings back the very eccentric and quirky nurse Adele Monsarrat. Once again she gets caught up in murder on the infamous Ward 8. But this time the crime hits to close to home. I don't which one I enjoy more Pulse or Panic. They were both fun to read. I have add Echo Heron' name to my must read list.

Cheryle Tomassi - 11:33pm Jul 30, 1998 PST(#158 of 1002)

I like Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton and Mary Higgins Clark books to start. When ever I go to the library I try to pick out books from two authors I haven't read yet. This web site really helps me decide who to try next.

Cheryle Tomassi - 08:38pm Aug 2, 1998 PST(#159 of 1002)

Just finished reading a book by Marcia Muller. Saw something about her on one of the messages somewhere here on mysterynet, just what to say thank you to whoever mentioned her. Great read.

Janelle - 10:10pm Aug 2, 1998 PST(#160 of 1002)

Michael Slade's Primal Scream was AWESOME!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / What (or Who) Should I Read Next?

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