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What (or Who) Should I Read Next?
Need a suggestion? What's the best newly published mystery you've read lately? Have any suggestions for other viewers?
Please Note: To discuss an author in more depth, go to the Authors Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there. To discuss a genre or theme of mysteries, go to the Genres & Themes Folder and add a discussion if you don't see the one you want already there.

PLEASE remember that not everyone will have read the whole book or know everything about the author that is being discussed. If you MUST discuss crucial plot information that could potentially spoil the ending of a book for someone (e.g., if somebody in the book dies), PLEASE WARN other community members by noting it at the top of your posting.

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Pam Walker - 02:34pm Oct 8, 1998 PST(#211 of 1002)


I highly recommend Deja Dead. It was a great read. I can't wait for Kathy Reichs next one to come out. I agree about The Bone Collector, it was great. I am reading The Coffin Dancer now. It is starting off good. What other mystery do you like? I'd love to exchange book ideas with you. Do you like primary forensics, medical or suspense? I'm into a little bit of all of them. I love Michael Palmer's books. Have you read any of his?

Bess - 02:37am Oct 9, 1998 PST(#212 of 1002)

I love Mary Higgins Clark. She is one of my favourite authors. At the moment, I have just finished "Pretend You Don't See Her", and I quite literally couldn't put it down. I read it straight through from start to finish without stopping once. Another of hers that I enjoyed was "While My Pretty One Sleeps". Does anyone else read her books?

Calsha - 03:35pm Oct 9, 1998 PST(#213 of 1002)
I'm a Kiwi and proud of it.

Yes Bess I love reading Mary Higgins Clark too. I got hooked when I first read "Stillwatch" in 1984. I have read it several times again since. Have you read any of Carol Higgins Clark? I think she is Mary's daughter.

P Marlowe - 01:42am Oct 10, 1998 PST(#214 of 1002)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

I am currently reading a very interesting book called "The Poison Tree." Set in Oxford it revolves around the murder of a male student and the college professor who buys the house where the murder occurred. She teaches, of all things, detective fiction, is bi-sexual and quotes a lot of good English poets and talks about detective fiction. Warning: the murder is gruesome and there is lots of sex (if that offends). Book is written by a man from a woman's POV. So far it has been very good.

Shinji Minamoto - 04:47pm Oct 10, 1998 PST(#215 of 1002)

If anyone know of good modern mystery, please tell me.

_Sunshine_ - 06:42pm Oct 10, 1998 PST(#216 of 1002)
...redefining Normal, one day at a time.

Depends on what you mean by 'modern'...

Calsha - 09:56pm Oct 10, 1998 PST(#217 of 1002)
I'm a Kiwi and proud of it.

Written within the last few years maybe????

Rose Wagner - 09:27am Oct 11, 1998 PST(#218 of 1002)

Perhaps Dennis Lehane, whose characters live in Boston, would write the kind of modern mystery you mean. "Sacred" and "A Drink Before the War" are two of the titles.

P Marlowe - 03:21pm Oct 11, 1998 PST(#219 of 1002)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Or "Darkness, Take my Hand" another of Lehane's. Modern, there are many "modern" authors of mystery fiction, especially Robin Cook who deals with medical mysteries and Patricia Coldwell and the likes (who deal with forensics and police procedures).

teresa - 01:36pm Oct 12, 1998 PST(#220 of 1002)

Has anyone read the new P. Cornwell Point of Origin? (Or something like that!)

Is it any good? I found her last book a bit disapointing.

I did enjoy Deja Dead and The Bone Collector, any ideas for my next read?

Calsha - 12:59am Oct 13, 1998 PST(#221 of 1002)
I'm a Kiwi and proud of it.

I have just finished Endangered Species by Nevada Barr. I really enjoyed it, plenty of action, good descriptions, and a mystery to keep you guessing.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / What (or Who) Should I Read Next?

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