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What (or Who) Should I Read Next?
Need a suggestion? What's the best newly published mystery you've read lately? Have any suggestions for other viewers?
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Julie Kelley - 04:31am Aug 28, 1997 PST(#31 of 1002)

OK, I confess it was I who said Grafton was getting boring. I've read them all and I think her plots are getting thin. Also I fibbed, "Seeing a Large Cat" is the latest in the Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series, just came in the mail yesterday. Marian, I also have read most of Peters, none of Michaels. I thought her writing about marijuana in 100 Rabits was dopey (couldn't help myself) and ill informed. I too enjoy Vicky Bliss. Earl Emerson has a new one out, it's a Mac Fontana, can't remember the name of it, will post when I get it from the book club!

Marian Allen - 09:36am Aug 28, 1997 PST(#32 of 1002)

Julie -- '"Seeing a Large Cat" is the latest in the Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series,' Wow, wow, wow! A new one to look forward to reading! Does it feature "de cat Bastet"?

As for ANYTHING in a Barbara Michaels book making sense, I don't expect it. I don't think she writes with any respect or consideration for making sense. She just wallops out a good rollicking story with the same general repertory company of characters. She has another series heroine we haven't mentioned, Jaqueline something, who knocks out best-selling romances that way; I suspect she's Michaels in thin disguise.

Julie Kelley - 03:13am Aug 30, 1997 PST(#33 of 1002)

Marian-Don't know if it's the cat Bastet-yet. Was in the middle of an old Daheim and my computer totally pucked. Haven't had time to do anything except reload, reload, reload. Jacqueline Kirby is her name. Peters/Michaels romance leanings come out a little too much for me in the Kirby book (books?) but I like her writing so much I read them anyway!

Maureen Thorne - 03:07pm Aug 31, 1997 PST(#34 of 1002)

I enjoy the Anna Pidgeon series by Nevada Barr as well as the Nero Wolfe as written by Robert Goldsborough. I have found that he really has the characters down, which is unusual when someone takes over the writing. I have read all of the Sue Grafton books and find them very entertaining. also try Gar Anthony Haywood for some humor in your mystery.

Jenny Smoyer - 06:35pm Sep 2, 1997 PST(#35 of 1002)

Hi- I am new to this group but I hope no one minds my two pennies! Jasmine- my mom and I read most of Sue Grafton's books. I really liked "A is for Alibi" and "H is for Homicide". But, they do tend to all run together in my mind in terms of plot! Kinsey is a great character- better developed and more likeable (IMHO) than Sarah Paretsky's VI Warshawski. (please pardon my liberties with spelling)

Does anyone hear read any Jonathon Kellerman?

Craig Bobchin - 04:53pm Sep 3, 1997 PST(#36 of 1002)

I like Jonathan Kellerman's books. However I like his wife Faye's writing even more. What about Pat Cornwall?

Lisa - 06:07pm Sep 3, 1997 PST(#37 of 1002)


I've read all of Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware books. The only one I can say that I haven't really cared for is "Time Bomb."

Hannah Reynolds - 05:29am Sep 4, 1997 PST(#38 of 1002)


Have any of you read any John Harvey books? I think the newest one is Easy Meat [Im waiting to get that delivered]. His books are police procedurals with the detective being a jazz-loving polish man living in Nottingham [England]. The last few of his that I read have been very gripping [Cutting Edge is possibly the best to date].


LYNN SILENCE - 06:37pm Sep 4, 1997 PST(#39 of 1002)

I read a mystery in July in which the main character is a restaurant critic for a Washington D.C. newspaper. I can't remember the author or the title or the character's name, much to my annoyance. Does anyone recognize the description?

Jim Allen - 07:17pm Sep 7, 1997 PST(#40 of 1002)

Hi! I like Joan Hess. I had the good fortune to speak with her on the phone.She is a very nice person. She sent me an autographed bumper- sticker that says "I break for all Bucannons in Maggody".


Shadoe - 12:39am Sep 8, 1997 PST(#41 of 1002)

I have read all of Jonathan Kellerman's books, I liked them all except for The Web, I am waiting for The Clinic to come out in paperback.

I also just finished reading John Sandford's Prey series, I really enjoyed those, and I liked the character Lucus Davenport even though he is a womanizer...he does start the straighten out by the middle of the series.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / What (or Who) Should I Read Next?

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