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Plays by Agatha Christie
Among Agatha Christie's many plays are "The Mousetrap" (the longest running play in the English language), "Witness for the Prosecution," and "Ten Little Indians."

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Jared Hinson - 06:06pm Mar 30, 1998 PST(#10 of 33)
Guest User

To anyone who has not read or seen Ten Little Indians, let me recommend it. I have just finished playing Anthony Marston in my local theatre. This really is a fantastic play.

Michael X.D. Norton - 03:16pm Apr 4, 1998 PST(#11 of 33)

Jared, that was the first play I was ever in. The director cast me as philip lombard. I was so shocked to get that part that I read the book and got hooked on mysteries.

Orakio - 12:57am Jun 14, 1998 PST(#12 of 33)
Philosophy is my cup o' tea.

Heh heh...I was cast as Doctor Armstrong.

Lily of the Valley - 11:54pm Jun 16, 1998 PST(#13 of 33)
Guest User

I think that Ten Little Indians is one of the more suspenseful story lines. It gives you the sense that there's no way out, that no longer can you watch out for others, you have to watch your own back. And all the while, there's that small little whisper in your ear of the mystery you don't care about solving while the threat is still strong-- Who is it? And how there's the friendship between the rest bonded in the beginning and lost at the end, the reader becomes hysterical on what would happen, and the stories-- The little stories of how someone died in their lives which was caused by them, that makes the little touch that there's nothing about the story you can forget.

mike morgan - 06:35pm Jun 17, 1998 PST(#14 of 33)

Has anyone read Christie's play "The Hollow"? What are your thoughts about how this show differs from her others?

Carolyn - 08:56pm Jul 4, 1998 PST(#15 of 33)

I have read and seen Ten Little Indians and The Wittness for the Prosecution. I have also read The Hollow, Mousetrap, and several others. Ten Little Indians was one of my favorites. I would be interested in hearing from other Agatha Chrisie junkies. Has anyone else noticed Poirot or Miss Marple were always cut out of the novel turned plays? Maybe I am wrong but I am pretty sure they are not included in any of them.

Katrina Wilkerson - 01:06pm Jul 23, 1998 PST(#16 of 33)

I absolutely love mystery plays! I was cast in Nightwatch in high school, and have been hooked since. Our local theatre company has done two Chrisite plays. However, the anti-climatic part is that they always put them on in the spring. (They do musicals in the fall - how backwards!) My ideal mystery play setting is deep autumn, in Galena or New England. Does anyone else care to share their time of the year/setting preferences?

mike morgan - 09:19am Sep 5, 1998 PST(#17 of 33)

Yes, I prefer fall/winter mysteries, at least when they're set in regions where the weather is chilly and grey. I think that kind of atmosphere makes for a more cozy setting, as though the characters are isolated by their situations and the very world around them.

Katrina Wilkerson - 07:28am Sep 25, 1998 PST(#18 of 33)

Wow, Mike! Thanks for responding! I thought I might have permanently stiffled the flow of discussion with the "season setting" suggestion. I just feel that, when considering production of a Christie play, a theatre troupe has to realize that most mystery lovers are at their best in autumn. Did Christie write a play that is best to view in spring or summer? Any opinions?

mike morgan - 07:33am Oct 17, 1998 PST(#19 of 33)

Sorry, Katrina, about taking so long to reply. Work has been very trying of late, and my free time has been taken up with a novel I've written. At any rate, I can't think of any Christie plays offhand that are best set in the spring or summer, though I suppose a talented director and designer can pull anything off. I'll keep thinking about it, but I still think mysteries are better in the fall. As for books, I do find Laurence Sandsers' Archie McNally series, set in palm beach, works best in summer, though even those can work in other seasons, as well. Let's face it: a brightly lit stage with characters clad in tennis clothes and sun hats just isn't as mysterious as dim rooms with gaslight and enigmatic characters entering and making the audience wait for an explanation while they remove their coats and hats and scarves. What a great suspense tool!

Rich Weill - 12:15pm Oct 17, 1998 PST(#20 of 33)

I guess the above explains a lot: both of the stage thrillers I have written are set in June (a great month for thunderstorms, and rental cottages). No wonder they remain unproduced.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / TV, Movies & More  / Stage  / Plays by Agatha Christie

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