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Book Reviews

Read a good book lately? Or, maybe one that left you a bit disappointed? Want to tell others about it? This is the place to do just that. Post a book review or comment on someone else's.

Please read the Book Review Guidelines before posting a book review. Please include the following at the beginning of your review:

  • the title of the book
  • the author
  • the publisher
  • the year of publication, and
  • the price.

 [D] Book Review Guidelines (please read) (1 message)
 [F] OLDER BOOK REVIEWS (48 discussions)
 [D] Armstrong, Lori : "Mercy Kill" (2 messages)
 [D] Armstrong, Lori: "Merciless" (new)
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 [D] Brandreth, Gyles: "Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders" (2 messages)
 [D] Farrell, Steven G: "Bowery Ripper on the Loose" (2 messages)
 [D] Florio, John : "Sugar Pop Moon" (new)
 [D] Gangraw, Rick: "Secrets in the Ice" (new)
 [D] Gross, Andrew: "Eyes Wide Open" (new)
 [D] Hart, Carolyn: "The Devereaux Legacy" (new)
 [D] Lang, Eugene: "Murder So Vengeful" (new)
 [D] LaSalle, Eriq: "Laws of Depravity" (new)
 [D] Leotta, Allison: Speak of the Devil (new)
 [D] McDonough, Jeannie: “Caught in the Act” (new)
 [D] Millar, Cal: "I'm Missing - Please Find Me" (new)
 [D] Pryor, Mark: "The Bookseller" (new)
 [D] Raskin, R. J : "A Knight at Sea" (new)
 [D] Rasmussen, Amanda Rae: "Tempean" (new)
 [D] Resnick, Mike: "Dog in the Manger" (new)
 [D] Resnick, Mike: The Trojan Colt (new)
 [D] Roberts, Barrie: "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Man From Hell (2 messages)
 [D] Ruffin, Gary; "Hot Shot" (3 messages)
 [D] Seidel, Spencer: “Lovesick” (new)
 [D] Smith, April: "White Shotgun" (new)
 [D] Spencer, C.M.: "Roadkill" Also Titled "Framed For Murder" (new)
 [D] Stine, R.L. "Red Rain" (new)
 [D] Thompson, Donald: "Charley's Cruise" (1 message)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews

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