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Nancy Drew As Role Model
Nancy was a great role model for girls and young women of her day. To this day, Nancy Drew books inspire new generations of women to be strong, confident and well rounded individuals. Please post your thoughts on Nancy as a role model.

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TappingHeels - 12:40pm Jun 16, 2009 PST(#882 of 893)
The mystery picture's in a mess. The cops admit the case looks black. Just when the crook starts to confess --- rattle-rattle-rattle --- POPCORN SACK!

This is one of the big criticisms that has plagued Nancy Drew over the years: she is "too perfect". Many have preferred other girls' series heroines like Judy Bolton and Berverly Gray who were portrayed with a full range of emotions and made mistakes in their lives . . . while solving mysteries. Nancy does appear somewhat as an automaton is some of the stories, especially after Mildred Wirt Benson was no longer writing the books.

WOW! - 05:50am Sep 1, 2009 PST(#883 of 893)

WOW! You certainly know your stuff, No.1! This is my first time on this page and everyone knowledge is so impressive. I've been collecting Nancy for years -- too bad she has become so popular and so many collectors/dealers are rabid for her. Talk about driving up prices. Nancy was even noted as a premimun collectable in Women's Day magazine.

Fair_Maiden - 07:43pm Sep 5, 2009 PST(#884 of 893)
a.k.a. chalice1999, chally, chal, Maria

Hello ((( Everyone )))....

I don't know, while it's true that Nancy has always been portrayed as perfect in the originals, I feel she has had to live up to some tough competition. I mean as was mentioned, women just got the right to vote 10 yrs prior, most of the movies in those days were film noirs -- celebrating tough dames, and women were taking more responsibilities in society and the workplace. So, I think Nancy Drew just started off in those circumstances -- became popular -- and as times have changed her over-confidence stayed. But, it's really not a bad thing, it's just that it's not as realistic for this day and age where -- yes, we want very independent female characters, but we don't have to prove our toughness in any situation anymore. We can have emotions, faults, and fears. IMHO. :o)

Green Hornet - 03:59pm Sep 8, 2009 PST(#885 of 893)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Good post, Fair_Maiden.

Merbenavi - 05:15pm Nov 12, 2009 PST(#886 of 893)

Nancy Drew is truly the ultimate role model. This daring heroine is never afraid of danger and never quits till she gets to the bottom of things.

TappingHeels - 06:18pm Nov 12, 2009 PST(#887 of 893)
The mystery picture's in a mess. The cops admit the case looks black. Just when the crook starts to confess --- rattle-rattle-rattle --- POPCORN SACK!

Good observation, Merbenavi. Do you find yourself sometimes trying to behave as Nancy would behave?

nelle - 06:31pm Dec 17, 2009 PST(#888 of 893)

nancy drew is a great role model because she's smart,pretty and clever! she's perfect and she's a good amateur detective

Diana2033 - 07:24pm Jan 29, 2010 PST(#889 of 893)

I think I as a girl can relate to Nancy Drew

amie25 - 12:57pm Apr 20, 2010 PST(#890 of 893)

I love Nancy Drew ever since i was in grade 4 i would sit down and read them both the old and new versions. I love them my mom always thought I would be reading the same book because she didn't know it was a series. I really think when reading stories about the couragoues things she does makes me / lets me have the courage to stand up for myself =)

amie25 - 01:03pm Apr 20, 2010 PST(#891 of 893)

I also love the way the let NAnacy lead a "normal life" ... with her boyfreind she is not in a serious relationship which is a great role modle for teens stating you don't have to have a serious relationship

sjdrake2006 - 09:14am Jul 11, 2011 PST(#892 of 893)

I am looking for a fellow fan to work with me on Nancy Drew style stories, which I can also illustrate using computer software. Main character will be based on a real person in her 40s, but a great ND fan and somewhat resembling her. Im on yahoo messenger at sjdrake2006 or email if you are interested!

michaella - 05:33pm May 2, 2012 PST(#893 of 893)

hello everyone. i am a new member and am young but i totalllyyyy think ND is coooool. am from jamaica. am friend said that the mystery at ski jump is stupid,but i think not.

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew & You  / Nancy Drew As Role Model