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Daheim, Mary

Mary Daheim Books

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Mary Daheim's B&B series features B&B hostess Judith McMonigle, along with her new husband, Detective Joe Flynn. Titles include: A Streetcar to Expire; Suture Self; Just Desserts; Murder, My Sweet; Nutty As A Fruitcake and September Mourn.

Mary Daheim's Alpine series features newspaperwoman, Emma Lord. Emma is the editor-publisher of a small town weekly newspaper in fictional (but based on fact) Alpine, Washington. The paper is called The Alpine Advocate, which is also the title of the first book in the series.Other titles include: The Alpine Escape; Alpine Fury; The Alpine Gamble and The Alpine Icon.

Mary Daheim started her career writing successful historical romances before changing over to her real passion: crime fiction. She currently resides in Seattle.

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Joyce Ford - 06:40pm Aug 18, 2000 PST(#37 of 47)

Shelley: Thanks for the info. I found out that the next Alpine book is, indeed, scheduled to be released in October, 2000. It's called The Alpine Menace. I can't wait! Any idea when a new B and B mystery will be published? I'll also try to check out the egroup site.

Sandra Woodman - 06:58pm Nov 6, 2000 PST(#38 of 47)

The Alpine Menace is the most recent book in the Alpine series and it is now out in paperback. It was an easy read. It's enjoyable and we learn more about Emma and some of her inner concerns....which may not turn out to be concerns at all!!

Whitney Spinelli - 08:24pm Jul 10, 2001 PST(#39 of 47)

I'm but 13 years old and I enjoy Mary Daheim's books so!! The cover of Snow PLace to Die first caught my interest, and I couldn't stop reading these great books after that! Mrs. Daheim's witty style captured my reading eye and I can't wait for more mystery novels written by her. If anyone knows when the next release date is for a B and B book would they please let me know. Thank you so much!

James H. - 09:29am Oct 17, 2001 PST(#40 of 47)

I am really sorry to see the books coming out in hardcover first, now. I do not buy hardcovers, as they are too expensive, but hate having to wait a year or more for the paperback version to come out. Also, the local book stores do not generally carry the hardcover versions, especially authors who used to go directly to mass-market paperbacks.

Please go back to the paperback format.

Karen Royal - 03:03pm Apr 21, 2002 PST(#41 of 47)

Has anyone read Alpine Nemesis yet? Without giving away the plot, what did you think of the ending??

Brittany F - 01:05pm Apr 28, 2002 PST(#42 of 47)

I absolutely love the B&B series By my absolute favourite author, Mary Daheim! I cannot wait for her next book to come out!

kathy w - 05:08am Jul 15, 2002 PST(#43 of 47)

Look forward to reading "Obituary" - this series will be much different now without one of the characters. Don't know which series I enjoy more - the Bed & Breakfast ones are great also. Emma Lord & Judith both involved with men that have/had been absent from their lives for years & years. Their relationships overshadow the actual murders/mysteries, but the all the characters are so very interesting, if not always likeable. Mary Daheim is a very good writer with a marvelous sense of humor.

Fran Hinkel - 06:34am Aug 23, 2002 PST(#44 of 47)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Alpine Obituary is set to be released in September, 2002.

Lori Dale - 07:12pm Sep 5, 2004 PST(#45 of 47)

I just finished reading "Alpine Menace." While I basicly liked it, I was EXTREMELY disappointed in her use of negative and innaccurate words and depictions of adoptive parents. She used that term that every adoptive parent HATES "real parents." I am an adoptive parent. If I am not a "real parent" then what would you call all the sleepless nights,time spent expense and love? I could go on and on about that, but it would take too long. I may not be my childs birth or biological mother, but I am his real mother in every other sense of the word. I do not want to deny the role of his birth parents, I am very grateful for their giving my child life, but they are not the ones who are raising him, my husband and I are doing that. If I am not a real parent, then God is not truelly our parent either, because the Bible describes us as being adopted by God. Also her depiction of the adoptive parents shows a very shallow understanding of what family truelly is. Its more than just shared DNA, its a matter of the heart and spirit. Her depiction of the adoptive parents in the story was hardly flattering and then she threw in that bit at the end about Ronnies not being real family because his mom (I think) was adopted. That seemed like a major cop out to me, even if she did try to blunt it by havin "Ben" challenge her on that. I wanted to write her and tell her all this but I couldn't find an e.mail address. I am hoping somehow this will get back to her, that maybe she reads these occasionally and will think twice before she uses such terms again. Lori Lori Lori

Tina Czarnota - 08:56pm Aug 31, 2008 PST(#46 of 47)
Author of Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast and Deadwaiter

I always enjoyed May Daheim's books. That mom of hers is a riot.

Fran Hinkel - 01:41am Oct 9, 2008 PST(#47 of 47)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Lori, you make a lot of valid points. I suggest you email the author with your thoughts on this.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors C - D  / Daheim, Mary

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