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What do different generations of fans have to say about Nancy Drew?

Share your memories-- post a message below.

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Green Hornet - 05:18pm May 19, 2009 PST(#116 of 129)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Welcome aboard, Vicks.

khusboo - 08:30am May 31, 2009 PST(#117 of 129)

it is there at the end of "the race against time" about some mystery and its answer . and i hope so there are about 2 books more which we need for the answer so can anyone say me whats the mystery and its answer

No.1FaN - 10:20am Jun 16, 2009 PST(#118 of 129)
Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost. -- President John Quincy Adams

Wow! Nancy's mom was alive until she was 13 in the originals? That's news to me!

TappingHeels - 12:35pm Jun 16, 2009 PST(#119 of 129)
The mystery picture's in a mess. The cops admit the case looks black. Just when the crook starts to confess --- rattle-rattle-rattle --- POPCORN SACK!

No, at the first of the series Nancy was around 10 when her mother died. Later it was changed to 3 years old.

Nadak - 05:44pm Jul 12, 2009 PST(#120 of 129)

I have Nancy Drew Mystery Book "The Clue In the Jewel Box printed in 1943. I would like know how much this book is worth. Is there a website that deals with old books? Thanks.

Green Hornet - 05:44pm Jul 13, 2009 PST(#121 of 129)
Oh, the huge manatee!

We have a COLLECTING folder, Nadak. Someone there may help, or there might be an old discussion that will tell you something usefull.

rachel ochs - 07:50am Aug 7, 2009 PST(#122 of 129)

hey my name is rachel ochs if you guys play nancy drew games let me know we are playing one right now called nancy drew secret of the scarlet hand we are having problems with getting the cookie out of talor sincir office to put in the painting so e-mail me at and yahoo to its the same adderss

Green Hornet - 03:34pm Aug 7, 2009 PST(#123 of 129)
Oh, the huge manatee!

rachel ochs

Please check out the computer games folder. Good luck and have fun!

Sting10 - 11:02am Dec 29, 2009 PST(#124 of 129)

I love Nancy Drew I have been playing her games since I was 5(Mom was amazed that I did it without cheats) She is a very good role model for kids! I think Nancy Drew Games should never stop being produced!!!

_< Nancy Fan

Live Laugh Nancy

swagg boi - 12:34pm Feb 11, 2010 PST(#125 of 129)

really lik her books she is great

MariaCD - 11:59pm Apr 18, 2010 PST(#126 of 129)

No matter the no. of books I've read there are still many more to read

MariaCD - 12:00am Apr 19, 2010 PST(#127 of 129)

I've found 1 glitch. How can Nancy sove hundreds of mysteries in 1 yr?

amie25 - 01:01pm Apr 20, 2010 PST(#128 of 129)

lol MARLACD i noe it is kinda weird

nancydrewnancydrew - 02:29pm Oct 5, 2012 PST(#129 of 129)

Hi every-one,I loooooooove Nancy Drew! She is the very best girl detective in the world!You all agree don't you?

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