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Nancy's Dangerous Life
This is a discussion about when Nancy gets captured or endangered in the books.

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Lucky Star - 02:30am Apr 28, 2010 PST(#2339 of 2344)

Yeah, I agree. Definitely would look for a swimsuit.

pumpup2020 - 05:16am Aug 19, 2010 PST(#2340 of 2344)

I wiould love to be Nancy her life would be sooo much fun and you get to go all around the world and he only bad thing that you die every once in a while hahah


Niccole - 01:38am Jan 4, 2011 PST(#2341 of 2344)

Has anyone read the files book Death by Design. Can someone tell me briefly what happens to Nancy in this book and also how many times Nancy blacks-out in this story. Thank-you.

Dave11 - 06:57am Mar 10, 2011 PST(#2342 of 2344)

Below is a brief synopsis of Death by Design - hope this helps. Nancy Drew has been invited to Chicago by Kim Daley, who~creates~clothes...Kim is being threatened and has a show of summer outfits soon...Nancy’s friend Bess Marvin is going with her while Bess’s cousin George Fayne goes sailing and Nancy’s dad, attorney Carson Drew, goes to Canada...Nancy and Bess take a taxi~cab to the Hamilton hotel, where the show will passes are given to Nancy and Bess and a room is checked an elevator people are talking about Kim being is Louella Teasdale and Oscar Davis of “Fashion” magazine...Louella and Oscar are not allowed into Kim’s temporary~office...Kim greets Nancy and Bess and assistant Sarah gets tea...Kim gets tele~phone calls saying she will be introduced to Jesus Christ (a famous herstorical figure)...just then, another threatening call happens and a paper~weight explodes!..Bess takes Sarah to the infirmary and Kim’s sibling Morgan enters...Morgan shows a new fashion and Nancy tries it on...Paul Lavalle enters then Kim, Nancy, and Bess head to an establishment...Louella and Oscar are there, as well as model Apollo and fashion~creator Lina Roccocini...Kim does not wish to tell police about the threats until after the show...Nancy eats her dinner then becomes hot and passes~out then awakes but faints again. She wakes and heads to her room, where friend Ned Nickerson tele~phones...Bess returns, saying Paul is a photo~grapher (that Lina likes)...Morgan appears and Nancy asks about Kim...Kim creates clothes and Morgan handles business...Kim enters, upset about Louella’s news~paper column, “Entre Nous,” that tells of the sabotage...Morgan did not tell and Kim then sees Morgan’s pin looks like one of Kim’s creations...Nancy and Bess read news~papers for articles about Kim...Bronwen Weiss has~written~one...Nancy and Bess head to Lina’s room, where Alison Haber greets...Paul gives Alison photo~graphs and started with Kim but now photo~graphs for Lina...Nancy sees a vocoder (an electronic~mechanism that synthesizes speech)...the threat calls are “voice altered”...Nancy and Bess head back to their room, where next door, Kim is screaming...Kim let her dog drink her tea and now the dog is unconscious...animal~hospital~personnel take the dog...Lina appears and Nancy makes~an~appointment...Lina is also wearing a pin that looks like Kim’s...the next morning Nancy finds a note in her room: “the poison I gave you is an was for Kim”...Nancy tele~phones Ned asking for Ned to hurry for Chicago...Nancy leaves a note then takes a taxi~cab to the hospital...there, Nancy fills out forms then doctor Margaret Liston admits Nancy to a room as tests~for~poison are performed...Nancy wishes to keep working on the case, so she leaves...a dress shop (“Mystere”) is passed with clothes that~look~like Kim’s!..Nancy enters and asks if they are Kim’s creations and is asked to leave...Nancy returns to the hotel, where Bess is worried about her...Bess took the note to the police and Nancy makes a posting on the bulletin board for the poisoner to greet and identify the poison...Kim is seen and Nancy tells of Mystere selling copies~of Kim’s~clothes...Kim is upset and grabs Lina!..Lina slaps Kim!..Nancy notices Lina’s voice sounds like the tele~phone one...Ned arrives and~Nancy tells~about~the~poison...Nancy remembers she got~dizzy and fainted after~trying~on Kim’s pin...Bess will take the pin to the hospital while Nancy and Ned head to the spot in~Nancy’s~bulletin...Paul and Alison appear...Nancy asks about the poison and Paul is confused...Ned punches Paul and Nancy gets dizzy and faints..police arrive, who arrest Ned. Nancy faints again..Paul is taken to~a~hospital...Nancy returns to her room...Bess says she and Kim cannot find the pin...a note is found on the door: “now you deserve poison” (paraphrased)...Nancy finds Morgan at the pool and Morgan admits letting Lina into Kim’s office but did not poison...the pin was at the “pressers” at the time...Rafael Orsini is~the~presser...Lina did make the copy of the pin, though...Carlotta is a model...Kim gives Rafael’s address and Nancy and Bess Rafael’s Nancy tells of the threats~against~Kim and clothing~idea~theft...Miss Swang, assistant, is questioned...neither say the brooch was there, when the corresponding out~fit~was~pressed...Nancy and Bess return to their room, that has been is Ned inside!..Paul is~not~pressing~charges...Nancy, Bess, and Ned break~into Lina’s office...a letter in a type~writer to Bronwen Weiss is seen: “Kim is sabotaging herself and poisoned her dog for publicity”...the next day Nancy, Bess, and Ned head to the lobby...Kim and Morgan are there...Paul is asked to join...Nancy asks about the vocoder and Paul admits it is a secret to make the show more interesting...Alison~appears and Nancy tries to follow her but Nancy gets~dizzy and faints..Miss Swang’s shoes are seen but it is Alison...Alison runs

Dave11 - 01:32am Mar 12, 2011 PST(#2343 of 2344)

Has anyone read the book Trouble at Lake Tahoe, in which I believe Nancy is knocked out be a girl called Jackie. Does anyone know how Nancy is knocked out in this book - is it just the old knock on the head?

sjdrake2006 - 09:15am Jul 11, 2011 PST(#2344 of 2344)

I am looking for a fellow fan to work with me on Nancy Drew style stories, which I can also illustrate using computer software. Main character will be based on a real person in her 40s, but a great ND fan and somewhat resembling her.

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Miscellaneous Nancy Discussions  / Nancy's Dangerous Life