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The Movies of Alfred Hitchcock - 08:45am Feb 4, 2009 PST - Replies to Haro Girl and Mauzd:

  • The Hitchcock film with the banister flashback is SPELLBOUND.

  • The sadistic hostage situation is from MISERY, a Stephen King adaptation, not a Hitchcock film.

    Cheers, John
    Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The TV Show - 02:44pm Aug 4, 2008 PST - Philip (re #281): I don't believe it's an AHP show-- I think you're describing an episode of "Twilight Zone" from the '80s called "Button, Button." It was written by Richard Matheson based on one of his short stories. Check this link and see if it's the one you remember:,_Button_(The_Twilight_Zone)