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~****If u can bump the bump, try setting the set. But 2 get a second look from me, u need 2 spike the spike. For I`m a bumpin,settin,spikin VOLLEYBALL SUPERSTAR!!!****~

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I luv Nancy Drew, and I always know what is coming out and what`s new. I have been reading Nancy Drew since the 3rd grade. My first Nancy Drew book I read was: The Missing Horse Mystery. :) Because I am a horse nut. I always go to my friends houses or call them to help them w/ their Nancy Drew cd-rom games.Lol. I LOVE animals, and have 2 parakeets, 2 chihuahuas, 1 laborador, 1 chinchilla. I`m sure you can tell I`m also a VOLLEYBALL FAN!=P I love going outside and practicing my bumping, setting, and serving, and spike approaches. As long as I don`t hit the ball into my neighbors yard!:P I`m also a Jesus Freak! I`m a totally proud Christian!!!! (And luvin it!) My dreams are to become a detective, lawyer, teacher, author, barrel racer champion, or FAMOUS volleyball player. I could go on about my dream careers for hours, if I wanted to, I guess. So I`ll play it easy on you and just end it at that. Shout-out:
  • **All~American~Rejects and Good Charlotte RULE! GO PUNK ROCK**
  • **God Bless America** (My fave one): I LOVE ORLANDO (Orlie) BLOOM!!!! ---->*****!!!!OREGON DUCKS RULE!!!!*****<---- ----------------QUACK QUACK------------------

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    Discuss All Games - 07:28pm Jan 18, 2004 PST - Horsegirl~ I`d say Haunted Mansion. lol!
  • S13~ I think its odd that sum1 copied ur sn, they must really like u!..
    Message in a Haunted Mansion GAMEBOY Game - 02:18pm Jan 15, 2004 PST - Clover~This game is fun, but has the same events, same suspects, and the same culprit. I personally liked the pc game better, since it has better graphics and it freaks u out more. lol!..
    Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6) - 05:14pm Jan 14, 2004 PST - no prob:D
    Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6) - 05:10pm Jan 14, 2004 PST - NanFan~ I kno! It scared me too! Along w/ Frisky when I wuz helpin her on the game @ her house!..
    Discuss All Games - 05:04pm Jan 14, 2004 PST - Lucky~Sry bout answerin the q. I 4got I was in this discussion plus i wuz tired. :)
    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 06:22pm Jan 13, 2004 PST - kittinip~ Try lookin on ur PDA 4 an "unlucky" day 4 Mickey. :)
    Danger On Deception Island Nancy Drew Computer Game (#9) - 06:20pm Jan 13, 2004 PST - Supersolver~ I`ll giv u the answer to it if u want....but if u dont want it, try "surfin the net" on Nancy`s laptop.:)