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Steven J. Clark

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About Steven J. Clark

I'm the author of Wages of Greed, a Tony Hillerman meets John Grisham legal thriller that pits a young Navajo attorney against an evil oil company, and All The Pretty Dresses, a mystery/thriller that features Cass Rosier, a 31 yr. old single mom, and the first female deputy sheriff ever hired by her county, who must solve the mystery of a serial killer stalking young women in her county.

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Hillerman, Tony - 08:34am Jul 1, 2015 PST - Like many of you, I badly missed my Tony Hillerman novels after Mr. Hillerman died. Just before he died he and I communicated and he reviewed a book I was writing, a legal thriller, entitled Wages of Greed, which was very much in the vein of his Leaphorn/Chee series...