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I have beaten all the games and i love them all! there so great! im 14 and like to be fun! i help quite a bit on the site i think, like helping keep posts clean and clear, :) sometimes i say stuff about posts that gets people thinking im being rude or mean, but im not! i hate to get into little fights with people on this site, especailly when i dont know them, thats why i dont!! e-mail for help make sure the subjects nancy drew! bye

Im On a little break!!!!!! feel free to e-mail me, and dont get caught up in the stress on this site~! lol its an awsome site though!! good luck to all you's playing the games, i'll definatyle be back when secret of the shadow ranch is out, but im sure ill be back b4 then too! all the games are great, take my word on it!! especailly treasure in the royal tower! have fun here everyone~ Ill be back!! and im not ditchin ne one! okie doke?? ok well bye guys! talk to you all later BYE :)

Favorite URLs

fav nancy drew games in order are: Treasure in the royal tower, ghost dogs of moon lake, secret of the scarlet hand, danger on deception island, stay tuned for danger, the final scene, the haunted carousel, and secrets can kill
Most recent posts by s13:
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 07:40pm Jul 27, 2004 PST - sweetchick- not to be rude or anything, but if anyone needs help they will ask, and theres no point in telling them to e-mail you, because this is a "discussion" area, which means it is open to all different peoples opinions. Please remember that! :)
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 07:37pm Jul 27, 2004 PST - Hey everybody!! i am back its been about 2 years!! but hey, im abck and ready to share my knowledge of beating all the nd games!..
Danger On Deception Island Nancy Drew Computer Game (#9) - 10:57am Apr 4, 2004 PST - emp126 - The password to the lighthouse is on a purple piece of paper in one of holts books in his duffle bag that sits on the floor near him in the cafe.
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 02:40pm Apr 3, 2004 PST - gameplayer100 - it opens up a safe to find marie antionetts journal.

Chickengirl22 - you have to go back to her room, and charge the battery from the back of the camera, when it is done, you can watch the rest of the tape.