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I'm a happy 15 year old.I'm also a Christian.I love ND!I have all the games except 1&10,.I love shopping,reading,drawing,dancing,writing,music and drama.I want to become:a photographer,librarian,singer,actress,tv reporter,writer,director and a lawyer.I also like Trixie Belden.I also do volleyball.I love Pirates of the Carribeann,Peter Pan,Radio, Titanic,Beauty and the Beast,Sleeping Beauty,Freaky Friday,Spider-man 1&2,The Princess Bride, Princess Daries 1 and 2!Can't wait Pirates of the Caribbean Two to come out!

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#009 Sign of the Twisted Candles - 02:13pm Mar 27, 2005 PST - This is my favorite book! I loved all the twists and info about the Cousins past family! It was pretty violent...