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classic mysteries, such as Chandler, Hammett, Gardner, Stout. Jazz. Modern writers include Braun, Hillerman, Mary Higgins Clark with continuing characters, the Meehans etc.  
Most recent posts by Tim Johnson:
Boyle, Gerry - 09:17pm Apr 28, 2001 PST - COVER STORY caught my attention on a local pharmacy paperback rack today. Came home to check various websites. Having seen Mr Boyle's courtesy in taking time to post here, will probably return and purchase book tomorrow.
Collins, Max Allan - 04:07pm Jun 21, 2001 PST - Began with Pearl Harbor Murders, enjoying it greatly. Also purchased this week, but unable to start yet, Stolen Away, and Majic Man. Do not remember where MAC was quoted, but he is right, the private eye belongs to history...
Rozan, S.J. - 05:49am Sep 16, 2001 PST - Just to stimulate some conversation on Ms. Rozan, I want to thank her for providing a pair of protagonists who are a part of a plausible mystery without the need for gratuatous language, violence or sexual references. People like this do exist.
Greenleaf, Stephen - 05:42pm Jun 13, 2001 PST - Discovered Marsh Tanner through this and various websites this week, read excerpts, in turn got TOLL CALL. This IS the modern equivalent of Spade,Chandler, the Op etc. Please, Mr...
Braun, Lilian Jackson - 05:55pm May 22, 2001 PST - Maybe someone related to the art critic in "READ BACKWARDS" could show up after all this time, make a legal claim on Koko (for less than legal reasons, with a less than scrupulous attorney?). By the way, is that the correct spelling of scrupulous?
Braun, Lilian Jackson - 08:15pm May 19, 2001 PST - Have not read Cat Who Smelled A Rat yet. always wait for the paperback. Seems like in "Robbed a Bank" however, that the background story was hurried through,maybe should have been left alone, altogether...
Braun, Lilian Jackson - 09:11am Mar 24, 2001 PST - Nearly 3 weeks since I posted previous message. Are Qwill and the cats a lost cause?