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A friend threatened to jump off a cliff, but I knew it was just a bluff. ;)

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Did you hear about the guy who lost his left leg and left arm? It's okay, he's all right now. Hee hee :)  
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Your favorite television shows. - 01:05pm Jan 13, 2005 PST - Lost - Wow! What a good episode. For some reason I just love Boone now...
Special Thoughts - 05:36am Aug 9, 2004 PST - Oh man I'm so behind in this folder

Happy Belated Birthdays to ...





Hope you all had good celebrations :)
Your favorite television shows. - 06:53am Aug 5, 2004 PST - LCS: I'm liking Gary more each week. I think he has a shot (now watch me get proven wrong tonight). I thought Kathleen was funny but looked a little uncomfortable up there...
Movie Review - 06:47am Aug 5, 2004 PST - Gerdje, I saw the Bourne Supremacy and enjoyed it. Probably not quite as much as the first one though. One problem for me was that a lot of it was filmed in, um, whatever that technique is where the camera is shaky (ala Blair Witch Project), so I had to close my eyes throuh a lot of the movie to avoid getting a headache.
Your Favorite Books - 06:54am Aug 4, 2004 PST - Hmmm. That could be interesting bp. Wheel of Time should make much better movies than books...
Movie Review - 12:37pm Jul 26, 2004 PST - Jinx - I just saw Butterfly Effect on DVD last week and quite enjoyed, but I didn't see it in the theatre. What was different?

Lucky - I saw Hell Boy and liked it...
Your favorite television shows. - 10:26am Jul 21, 2004 PST - Sigh. Not a good couple of weeks for my reality favourites.

AR: I decided last week that I would be rooting for Alison and Donny...