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Atanua- 8^)

Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

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About Atanua- 8^)

Old Bylines:
  • Still looking for a great line to put here...
  • Love is like Pi: natural, irrational, and very important ... -- L.H.
  • Polynesian Goddess of Dawn: Waking up the Americans!

    AIM: MNatanua
    yahoo: atanua_g
    MSN: on request

    My little ones, born on November 7th 2005 and March 27th 2007 :

    Most recent posts by Atanua- 8^):
    The Drinks cabinet. - 12:19pm Sep 30, 2011 PST - ;o) :oD

    Daiquiri please!!
    The Drinks cabinet. - 02:49am Sep 27, 2011 PST - No drinks in almost a year??? Is the the right place??? ;)
    Special Thoughts - 03:56am Apr 1, 2008 PST - I did, I did, only a day late!!

    (((((((((all of you)))))))))

    And thank you Stevie for the nice mail! :o)
    Announcement Board and Other News - 04:38am Feb 6, 2008 PST - fixed the link, it should work now with
    Announcement Board and Other News - 06:57am Feb 5, 2008 PST - just like I promised: new baby pictures in the link in my profile! :)
    POST-n-SOLVE COMMENTS - 06:22am Feb 5, 2008 PST - ** checking on Eeva and Chris ** ;o) ;o)

    Everything ok, girls? :oD