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Hi,i just registered into this site!Im a Nancy Drew fan and ,well,partly thats the reason i registered in here,AND also registered in herinteractive site.

~~R0cK 0n nANCY drEW~~

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Effie - 04:09am May 17, 2009 PST - Yeah!That name will be hard to pronounce
Eloise Drew - 03:33am May 17, 2009 PST - oh man!I-WANT-TO-SEE-NANCY'S-FACE-IN-HTE-GAMES!Oh well,im gonna buy the Mystery Of The Fire Dragon novel.=)
Togo - 03:09am May 17, 2009 PST - Togo appeared in the yellow Hardover of the book The Mysterious Mannequin
Laura Pendleton - 03:02am May 17, 2009 PST - talor,Laura Pendleton appeared in the Yellow Hardover; The Bungalow Mystery
Hannah Gruen - 02:47am May 17, 2009 PST - Yes yes!I think Hannah is a lovable understanding and good housekeeper for the Drew residence.She worries when Nancy is involved in the mystery.
Mrs. Drew - 03:28am May 17, 2009 PST - I think Mrs.Drew is a kind-hearted woman,beautiful,and Nancy got those outstanding qualities from her mum. I could just imagine her mum having those same blue eyes as Nancy and Mr.Drew,and having the same reddish-blonde hair*smiles*
Deirdre Shannon - 02:22am May 17, 2009 PST - I have the original Nancy Drew hardcover and the Girl Detective paperbacks. And yes, Deirdre is a mean,snobby,self-centered fashion-lover. Man,u shouldve read the Super Mystery Terror On Tour...