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Failure is a blessing in disquise

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I love the jonas brothers!  
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Popularity of Nancy Drew? - 08:22am Jun 18, 2008 PST - lol your right!
Originals vs. Today - 08:20am Jun 18, 2008 PST - Oh I thought it was cancled.
Originals vs. Today - 03:33am Jun 17, 2008 PST - Hey,How come the on campus series got cancelled(not that I like the series,im just wondering that's all)?Did they just suck really bad,Bad enough to cancel them?
Popularity of Nancy Drew? - 03:22pm Jun 16, 2008 PST - I dont know anyone in my school who reads nancy drew
Ned Nickerson - 03:16pm Jun 16, 2008 PST - LoL
Ned Nickerson - 03:04pm Jun 16, 2008 PST - LOL!
Ned Nickerson - 02:45pm Jun 16, 2008 PST - You peeps act rediculous I guess it is because you people are all Boy crazy teens