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"I like a good detective story, but they begin in the wrong place! They begin with the murder. But the murder is the end. The story begins long before that." -Mr.Treves (Agatha Christy: Towards Zero)

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I love green apples, singing, acting, dancing, and animals. I'm a big fan of Nancy Drew and I'm trying to read all of the books but there are so many left for me to read. I LOVE traveling. London is my second home. I hope to go to AT LEAST every continent (including Antarctica). About 5 years ago I went on a mission trip to Kampala, Uganda. I had sooo much fun. If you have any questions about my trip I would love to talk to you.This site has helped me a lot with the Nancy Drew games. I've finished a lot of the games and I'm more than willing to help anyone solve these games. I also finished the Agatha Christie game AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, so if you need any help on that too, just ask. If you email me, only email me for help, and please please please don't send me any junk. (Chain letters qualify as junk.) Thank-you. Vm <3 & lml  
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Nancy Drew Movies and TV - 07:59pm Oct 27, 2016 PST - (( Green Hornet )) : Ghost town indeed! It's so sad to come back (after a few years) and find this group, which was once thriving, now practically deserted. I came on here looking for information about ND books in other languages, but I fear there are not enough people on here anymore to discuss with...
Discuss All Games - 02:36pm Nov 25, 2015 PST - Why aren't there any discussions for the new games? Where'd everyone go?
Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge (#23) - 08:39am Jun 18, 2013 PST - CUTIE DREW LOVER: It's a mirror image for each section. So you have to make sure that you don't miss any fill-ins. They will ALL be filled in...
The Haunting of Castle Malloy (#19) - 05:50am May 28, 2012 PST - leballerina : Sorry this comes super late, but you might just have to reload the game. Sometimes there's a kink in it. You may also need to send it back to the manufacturer and get a new one...
The Haunting of Castle Malloy (#19) - 05:47am May 28, 2012 PST - emmajo1110 : Hopefully you're not still on the otter game, but if you are I spent a good hour trying to figure it out and eventually I had to go to a walkthrough on Gameboomers. If you don't want to do that, then keep trying. Also, as far as the stairs, I haven't gotten to that part, but I'm guessing that there's another way to get up to the tower that will come up later in the game...
Originals vs. Today - 05:40am May 19, 2012 PST - Elly Girl I totally agree. I haven't read any of the newest comic book-like Nancy Drew "books," but I've read many of the paperback and I definitely like the original Nancy Drew characters better.