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Hi! I'm female, married, in my 30's and live in Perth, Western Australia. We have 2 dogs (Lucky & Oi), 2 cats (Scout & Buttons) and a still unnamed blue budgie (I'm leaning towards Bird, I never claimed to be original).

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Most recent posts by Lucky Scout:
Cozy Kitchen - 06:45pm Jul 2, 2007 PST - It's good to see not much has changed. Thanks (((Fran))) (((Joy)))
Cozy Kitchen - 01:28am Jul 2, 2007 PST - Howdy all, just though I'd pop in and see what's been happening.

Congratulations Spicy!! An elopement, how romantic. I've already got a husband but I wouldn't mind a marine to do the housework, there's no harm in looking is there?
MN Pets - 01:06am Feb 7, 2007 PST - When Nikki was sick she turned into a screamer. Wheever they started the shaver up she'd start because she knew the needle was coming next. Poor baby.
Announcement Board and Other News - 02:26am Jan 29, 2007 PST - (((Michel))) She truly was an amazing woman, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Announcement Board and Other News - 05:49pm Jan 16, 2007 PST - ((((Chris))))
Punny Titles - 07:25pm Jan 15, 2007 PST - Something like my guitar = Mikey Darr?