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If your life is on the right track, you won't have to worry about where your'e going!

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I'm 47years old, and I'm single now after 25 years of being married. I live in NH.. I'm an indoor house painter. I enjoy playing Tom Clacy's "Rainbow Six". That's where my username derives from. "W" is one of my initials. (I am a male, I am a "He", as in "man"). Favorite quote: "Can you see God? Have you ever seen Him? I've never seen the wind, but I've seen the effects of the wind. There's a mystery to it". -Billy Graham  
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Just Because - 04:14pm Apr 11, 2004 PST - Ok that's cool Fran! I was just in a holiday mood, and I didn't realize that there was another folder for that purpose. Sorry about that!..