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Bess Marvin #95

Be still and know that I am God... Psalms 46:10

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Hey N.D. Fans! I love Nancy Drew, her books and games. The games I have played are Treasure in the Royal Tower, The Final Scene, Secrets Can Kill, Danger on Deception Island, The Haunted Carousel,Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Secret of the Old Clock, The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and Stay Tuned for Danger. I am so anxcious for the new N.D. game coming out this summer, Danger By Design.

I love Nancy Drew and her BFF, Bess Marvin!!! Oh a awsome fact I learned...the name Nancy means graceful, and the name Drew means brave. Cool, hugh?!? Anyway, I think that Bess is like my long lost sister!!! =80} E-mail me if any help is needed!!!

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