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Bella Hugz

Yes! I am the old lol Bella Wanella had a stroke and lost my password soooo ...

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Announcement Board and Other News - 07:35pm Jul 1, 2013 PST - Dear MN family,

I am sorry to announce that my Doctors say that this last TIA stroke caused severe eyesight problems for me ... Ya'll know that I have Lupus and am bed ridden but now I have a torn retina that my Lupus will not allow to heal ... this has done macula damge that can't be reversed ..
Announcement Board and Other News - 05:40pm Jun 28, 2013 PST - MN FAMILY:

This is Friday and over in Mystery Dinner Parties we are voting whether to go another week with our current MDP or start a new one Monday ... come read our play and enjoy the shannanigans!!! To get there click the following "Social Lounge" then Just for Fun areas ten find Mystery Dinner Parties and ther you are!!..
Cozy Kitchen - 05:22pm Jun 28, 2013 PST - Thanks for letting mr know Kirsten! You go have fun, we'll see you next time ... I was just about to ask you about posting the ending with your duo crime solving team ..
Announcement Board and Other News - 03:56pm Jun 25, 2013 PST - I am so happy to announce that over in Just For Fun we are having such a fun time playing Mystery Dinner Party!!

Even if you don't play you will enjoy just reading along!!! Come see!!!!
Quote's Origin - 10:22am Jun 25, 2013 PST - OH WOW!!!! lol I know you only as Chris ... lol

"To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.
Quote's Origin - 09:49am Jun 25, 2013 PST - uuummm Chris Morley??? lol no way!
Quote's Origin - 09:03am Jun 25, 2013 PST - What ?????


that is the only one I know!!!!!