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Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 09:02am Dec 20, 2005 PST - animejunkie-SPOILER ALERT!!! The fourth slug is in the cabinet that is locked beneath the dolls in the caboose where Lori is located.
Files #008 Two Points to Murder - 12:12pm Nov 14, 2005 PST - this was a really good book! I read it a long time ago but if you havent decided if you want it you should really get this book!
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 01:10pm Nov 14, 2005 PST - absys123- SPOILER ALERT!!: If you have found the picture beneath janes desk the go into the secret passageway and turn the lights on then go one step inside the tunnel and click on the light on your right, you can figure out the rest...hope i helped ;)
The Secret of Shadow Ranch Computer Game (#10) - 04:25pm Mar 29, 2005 PST - emmy~**SPOILER ALERT** Have you talked to Charleena? If you have she said something about 4/9/11 Think about a clock and put the handles where you think the handles of the clock would be if it were on say 4. GOOD LUCK!!
Discuss All Games - 04:22pm Mar 29, 2005 PST - What are your guyses fav ND games? Mine is Final Scene
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 04:21pm Mar 29, 2005 PST - Sammy Kate~ If you have looked through the telescope and saw the different symbols with numbers next to them 1,2,3,4, and 5 well go to the betty game (dont push the game button just yet) and push the symbols in order that you saw the numbers. First the picture with the 1 and so on till u have done all the symbols then push the game button and u will have to play for something! ;)
Discuss All Games - 01:19pm Mar 21, 2005 PST - When is the new game comin out? P.S.- #12