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I'm a Christian. "For whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:13  
Most recent posts by NancyD*wannabe:
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 06:43pm Jan 24, 2004 PST - I need to know where the red and green madalions are.
Hosting a Teenage Mystery - 05:57pm Jan 15, 2004 PST - Help!!!!!! I need someone to tell me how to create a good mystery for 1-2 people that is fun for twelve year olds.
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 05:44pm Jan 15, 2004 PST - Ok. There will be a place to the side of the tank. On it there should be some "wheels" or handles...
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 05:40pm Jan 15, 2004 PST - dramaqueen1314, are you talking about the part toward the end w/ the big "tank" with the well water in it? If so, I can help you.
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 01:48pm Jan 14, 2004 PST - Critte Brian, you have to get the spark plug from Red Knott, then go to Em's Emporium after you fix the boat. She'll tell you what to do.
Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1) - 01:46pm Jan 14, 2004 PST - Knieci, how far have you got?