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Forensic Science Mysteries - 07:56pm Oct 28, 2003 PST - Sorry, that should read Aaron Elkins' Gideon Oliver. . .
Forensic Science Mysteries - 07:55pm Oct 28, 2003 PST - My favorite in this category is Aaron Elkins Gideon Oliver, the forensic anthropologist. He likes his corpses "dry", but comes up with some amazing deductions. Elkins' style also suits me - he has a very dry wit...
George, Anne - 07:50pm Oct 28, 2003 PST - The first three never came out in hardback, as far as I know, unless there were book club editions. I wish her publisher would collect the three in one hardback volume - my paperbacks are wearing out.
Culinary Mysteries - 07:17pm May 21, 2003 PST - The name of the late author was Virginia Rich
George, Anne - 08:05pm Apr 8, 2003 PST - Marci, try Jill Churchill (the Jane Jeffrey series - the Grace and Favor set are not as funny), Charlotte MadLeod (aka Alissa Craig), Sophie Dunbar (a little more risque, but funny and not over the line)
George, Anne - 11:43am Mar 30, 2003 PST - I think the idea of having someone continue the series is awful. No one else could have the same touch as Anne George did - the characters were entirely her creation. Anyone who could write as well as she did could also come up with their own characters...