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Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON

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Most recent posts by scarlet:
Backstage - 07:00pm Jul 19, 2009 PST - hiya ladies, i am in and out randomly

some computer issues left me random that and i ended up mom to 3 boys and that has kept me very busy

the last one just graduated and left for college in GA.... things have been a bit.....twisted?
Backstage - 08:07pm Jul 15, 2009 PST - (((((((ruby))))))) miss u as well!
Backstage - 07:51pm Jul 15, 2009 PST - evening folks.... it has been a month o sundays since i strolled thru these halls, but it has been a busy time round here to be sure!

hope all are well!..
Acrophobia - 01:54pm Apr 24, 2009 PST - hmmmm. pinging the scarlet one.... lol
Announcement Board and Other News - 04:37pm Aug 8, 2008 PST - (((Ausie)))!!!!!! omg, it has been forever!

mink, fireplaces and truffles...if memory serves
Announcement Board and Other News - 07:13am Aug 8, 2008 PST - (((JG)))

thanks everyone for the luck, son's band did well, they even got 2 other gigs from a car show and a Halloween fair

they got their pic in the paper and had a blast
Announcement Board and Other News - 07:05am Aug 8, 2008 PST - I announce I am now the mother of an adult.... *sigh* where did all the time go?....

(((hugs for all)))